From NY to Paris! 10 influential Streetwear brands!

Streetwear is a vast and complex subculture in fashion. It is often inspired and produced from rap culture, high fashion, and the youth of the time. Streetwear has become a staple in fashion and here to stay.

Here are our top 10 streetwear brands to know.

10. Kenzo 

A French-based luxury house founded by Kenzo Takada, uses bright colors, Japanese influence with the cut and style of modern Persian streetwear for its unique flair. The current streetwear collection is inspired and pays tribute to the photographer Hans Feurer who collaborated with the Kenzo brand in the 80’s.

9. Comme Des Garçons

A causal luxury line, originating in Japan and having successful flagship stores in cities such as Tokyo, Paris and New York.  Comme Des Garçons is widely worn and styled on trendsetters like Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West. The brand is also extremely influential on a lifestyle brand as well and umbrellas into much different apparel and home goods brands.

8. Vetements

Founded by Demna Gvasalia, a French clothing house is consistent with its overall theme. Each collection features chic and edgy pieces that embody all that streetwear is and should be.

7. Acne Studios

An acronym for Ambitions to Create Novel Expressions. Acne Studios is a popular and ready to wear brand as well as a highly respected publication, featuring functional unisex pieces.

6. Off-white

“Defining the grey area between black and white” is the company’s motto. Virgil Abloh is the creator and mind behind the culturally influential brand. Off-white is a lifestyle brand that produces everything from clothing to furniture. The goal of the brand is “to be young, embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.”

5. Lucid

A brand created by two brothers,  Chet and Betts based in Atlanta. The brothers take on their brand, using prep clothing and polos with their distinctive logo creates a fresh look with their family brand.

Lucid clothing line

4. Carrots

Carrots are brand based in Los Angles, California.  Originated by Anwar Carrots, Carrots takes a refreshing out take on streetwear. Mixing the laid back and relaxed California style and the street style of New Jersey where Carrots was raised. Worn by LA artists such as Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, and Tyler the Creator .

3. Kitsune

A French-based brand created by Gildas Loaëc,  the former manager of music duo Daft Punk and a highly revered architect Masaya Kuroki. Kitsuné means fox in Japanese. The duo used this name to show the versatility in the brand and its influence among different demographics.

2. Coco & Breezy

Street style isn’t just limited to clothing. Designers like Coco & Breezy give those who want to accessorize street wear the essentials to do so. Bringing bold eyewear and contemporary unisex accessories to the forefront of street style in a contemporary way.
coco and breezy streetwear

1. HBA

An abbreviation for Hood by Air is one of the most influential brands. Created by Shayne Oliver,  it embodies all that streetwear is. Notorious for its HBA logo and use of 90’s aesthetics and high fashion fusions. The line features clothing that is extremely unisex, avant-garde and contemporary pieces. The brand has celebrity clients such as Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West. Hood by Air is the epitome of streetwear and the balance of high fashion.

Rihanna 2016 VMA’s
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