10 Questions with Celebrity Hair Stylist Kee Kee Taylor

You may not know  Annagjid “Kee Kee” Taylor by name; you do know her work…

Kee Kee Taylor, hair dresser, 10
Kee Kee Taylor

 “Kee” as she is affectionately called by those close to her, is a nationally recognized hairstylist and founder of  the Shear Genius Collection of hair products.  Taylor started in her parents basement in Philadelphia; in addition to being a CEO, she is also an inventor and salon owner of Deeper Than Hair.

Celebrities like Angela Simmons, Karen Civil and Tika Sumpter all call on Kee to make sure they always look their best, they even call for special personal occasions like birthdays and baby showers.

Karen Civil, Kee Kee Taylor, Hairstyle, 10
Karen Civil Birthday Hair Style
Kee and Angela Simmons
Kee and Angela Simmons

I was able to catch up with Ms. Taylor and get her take on some very important questions with regards to her personal style and what it’s like to be a “go to” stylist to the stars.  

1.       Tell Me a Little About Your Education and Work Experience?
I went to cosmetology school straight out of high school and worked as a shampoo assistant to pay for it out of my pocket. I then moved up from assistant to hair stylist and stayed there for 6 years. Then I moved on to open my own salon at 23 years old and by the age of 25 I walked away from it and worked at another salon for 4 years. Then I decided to open a salon again, Deeper Than Hair, it’s the best decision I’ve made thus far! We’ve been open for 4 years.

2.       How Would You Handle It If a Client Is Dissatisfied with Your Work? 
 If a client is dissatisfied, I would do all that I can to make it right. If they’re not happy, I’m not happy. As long as the energy is right, I’m sure we can get on the same page.

3.    Where do you draw inspiration from when styling?
Well, from day to day, I’m just inspired by wanting to see my clients satisfied & happy. It’s different for photo shoots, I honestly Google high fashion hair inspiration, watch old music videos, look at the fashion of the shoot and go from there.

4.    What trends do you love right now and which ones are you tired of?
I love the messy hair look and also units. They both make life SO much easier!  I’m not really sure if I’m tired of anything. I do, however, have a love/hate relationship with full frontals, but again, it makes life easier so how can you argue with that!?

5.    How do you stay committed to doing something creative every day?
Now that I’m not in the salon everyday, I get way more time to come up with more than just press and curls. My favorite thing to do is photo shoots and add content to my YouTube channel. They both force me to be creative and push it to the limit.

6.  What’s your motto/advice you live by?
1st Corinthians 16:14 which says, “Do Everything in Love.” It has made everything so simple and beautiful. If you approach ALL that you do, in love first, then it will be done well.

7.  How frequently do celebrities use hair extensions?
 Celebrities almost always use extensions. they need them to enhance what they already have. Extensions help them not use so much heat on their real hair. Sometimes, celebrities literally have to get their hair done on a daily basis.

8.  What is your #1 hair care tip?
Make sure get your ends trimmed every 8 to 10 weeks!

Kee Kee Taylor
Styled byt Kee Kee taylor

9.  How do you keep your business and personal relationships separate? Why is important?
It’s definitely hard because you become so close with your clients & your lifelong friends also sit in your chair, so I have a, “don’t call or text my personal phone about hair” rule. People are pretty respectful of that and it gives me a healthy balance of Hair life vs. Regular life. 

10.   How does fashion shape the way you style someone’s hair? 
 I ALWAYS ask, “What are you wearing” before we talk hair. The neckline of the wardrobe and the print plays a huge part in what I’ll suggest how your hair should be styled. The funny part about most clients is that they pretty much already know how they want their hair (styled)  it’s up to me to try and switch it up,  if I think it will be a better fit with today’s fashion.

Ali Roc

Ali Roc is a writer and nameplate owner who follows fashion, art and sprinkles Pixie dust everywhere she goes. You can reach her at aliroc4kontrolmag@gmail.com

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