Grab your sun screen and enjoy this 2017 Guide to Summer

2017 Guide to Summer

It’s almost summer—meaning it’s time to squeeze every drop of in-the-sun fun out of the next three months. To assist you maximize your summer, we curated a Summer 2017 Guidewarm weather-loving Summer 2017 fun guide. From outfits to the perfect staycation this list with have your summer lit. Its compiled with the perfect summer vibes adding inspiring must-dos to your summer checklist.


Guide to Summer 2017Thats right, workout. What’s summer without a hot body? No one wants to be uncomfortable under the sun. A summer workout plan will enhance your energy and build your strength. Some of best summer excersises are push ups, sit ups, running laps and swimming.

Hit the Beach

Guide to SummerWhat’s summer without the beach? A very inexpensive way to have epic summer moments. Grab your friends and head down to the beach. From picnics to tanning the possiblities are endless with a beach date. Summer screams beach fun.


Guide to Summer 2017Weaher you call it barbecuing or grilling it’s definitely a summer go to. In the south we throw just about everything on the grill. Even pineapples. Pull on the pit , create your playlist and invite some friends. Make them arrive with whatever they want to throw on the grill. You’ve not got yourself a darn good summer time cookout.

Go to the Amusement Park

Guide to Summer 2017Somewhere in the summer fun Bible is ‘Amusment Park’. Like the beach what’s a summer without visiting the amusement park? The  rollar coasters, boardwalk games and overpriced food are just a few of the things that’s to love about amusement parks. Rather it be a couples date or a day for the whole family , amusement parks are a go to for summer.


Guide to Summer 2017Surely you deserve to relax at some point during the summer time.  Schools out, the kids are away and it’s your time to unwind. Book you a spa day or do it from home. Summer isn’t complete without relaxation.

We hope this list gives you a few ideas for this upcoming summer. Make summer 2017 one for the books.


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