5 Sexting Tips Every Woman Should Know While Dating.

Sending nude’s to your spouse, periodically can strengthen your relationship in more ways than one.  There’s five sexting tips  every woman should know when dating, while trying to  create a fun atmosphere in regards to sex an sexting in her relationship.


The way to your partner’s heart may not be through your cooking or your mothering skills, but your ability to lighten the mood with a sexy photo and  talking a little dirty to start the party before he gets home.  So let’s take a peek at a few tips to jumpstart your sexting skills,  and a few ways to sex up your sex life through your cell phone.


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1.Never, ever show your face- While you may be itching to be as open and carefree with your partner as possible, showing your face can put you at greater risk of being exposed. You can be still be sexy without identifying who you are. It’s too risky, and there’s a chance that the photos can leak and wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.


2. Don’t be too open- Being  open is cool, but don’t lay all of your cards on the table right away. You can throw a few ideas out there while remaining a mystery. Asking questions instead of insisting on doing specific acts related to sex will save you a lot of embarrassment.



3.Don’t Say It, if you’re not willing to it- Don’t speak too soon if you’re not sure how things will play out. It’s great to be inspired by a movie scene or fantasy, but if it’s something far fetched, don’t bring it up. Your partner may harp on such acts thinking that you’re interested when you’re just talking.


4.Get Dirty- Don’t be shy, get dirty! Play on his interest and make him want you more. Getting him very aroused before he comes over is a sure way to entice him and allow for a little foreplay to build anticipation.


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5. Boudoir/ Sexy Photos- Sending racy photos in lingerie over breakfast are a way to ensure that he’ll have a great day. A little nip slip can set the mood if you want to leave a lasting impression. Try doing it professionally or in the comfort of your home.


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Written By: Tamara Butler

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