Eyelash extensions are a celebrity beauty secret that is now accessible to many. Anyone can get high quality lash extensions like the celebrities at mid-to-high-end salons.  That is—anyone who can afford them! A set can cost over 100 dollars and more than half that cost to refill.


Can’t afford it? Don’t settle for falsies from the local beauty supply. Mink strip lashes may be a better alternative for you.  Kache Beauty, an international beauty company with a line of luxury Mink Lashes states that, “Kache Lashes are to beauty supply lashes what virgin hair extensions are to beauty supply hair extensions!”


In many ways, the analogy makes sense. After all, Mink Lashes can be 10-20x more expensive than traditional beauty supply lashes. But with the higher premium comes added benefits! Here are seven key reasons why you should make the switch from beauty supply lashes to luxury Mink Lash strips.



  1. More natural-looking than beauty supply lashes


  1. More usage than beauty supply lashes: Companies report that mink lashes can be used up to 25x.


  1. They’re a cheaper alternative to individual mink extensions


  1. Flexibility: Unlike with individual eyelash extensions, you can take them off when you’re fed up with them! Anyone who has worn individuals knows how frustrating it can be to remove them!


  1. Lighter on your eyes


  1. They’re a cheaper alternative to individual mink/silk extensions


  1. More Durable: If and when you sleep with them, they won’t bend easily like beauty supply lashes!


  1. Your favorite celebrity is wearing them: Beyoncé reportedly buys them by the boatload (XO Jane).
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