Kontrol Exclusive: One on One with Cindy Herron of ‘En Vogue’!

Kontrol had the pleasure of speaking one on one with the one and only Cindy Herron-Braggs from ‘En Vogue’, and Cindy spoke to us exclusively on recent performances, the group’s history, the rebranding process and also tips on how she stays fine after 25 years in the game!


En Vogue made a comeback recently as they took over the stage on ABC’s Greatest Hits, where they performed ‘Free Your Mind’ with some special guests whom they let join them on stage – the ladies of ‘June’s Diary’, the girl group formed by Kelly Rowland on her latest television show ‘Chasing Destiny’. The performance did not disappoint and Cindy looked better than ever and was still dropping it like it’s hot at age 54, so you know we had to ask her what her secrets are!


The whole show top to bottom is very choreographed and takes a lot of energy, so as often as I can I’m in the gym just to maintain my strength and my endurance and cardio.

She does emphasize that just working out doesn’t cut it.

Its also important to me to feel good about how I look on stage but the other half of that is I have to be very careful about how I’m eating. I love it though, I love eating healthy! I love learning about what you can put into the body that can promote healing and a really healthy balance; I’m really big on that.


Kontrol also asked Cindy how she’s been able to stay in the game for so long, and she responded, “Balance is the key. I think out of anybody in the group my schedule is the most difficult to balance because I have a family, so I have to be selective with what shows I do and how long im gone for them.

If you checked out En Vogue’s performance on ABC, or any of their recent ones, you may have noticed it is not the original four. The group currently consists of Cindy, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett. Since the group was established in 1988 with original members Cindy, Terry, Dawn and Maxine, a lot of changes have occurred to the point that they are at now. So many changes, that it can be difficult to keep up with, so Cindy brought us up to speed and let us in on En Vogue’s journey. For those of you who got lost in between all of the ladies’ transitions, here’s what happened and where they stand now:


We were working on our third album and Dawn at the time was working on a separate solo project and she had already committed to doing that and we didn’t know that. The head of our label was putting a lot of money into our album and she needed to know that it was going to be our number one priority and we all had to decide if we could do that and Dawn wasn’t able to commit because she was already committed to her other project.

 At that time she went on to work on her solo project it was Terry, myself and Max and we did ‘EV3’; then at some point Maxine, being a single mom, felt that she needed a break too so she stepped out.

At that point Terry and I decided we still wanted to keep it moving forward. We got another performing member to go on road with us. “


Cindy shares Terry and herself were ready to make another album, and that they asked both former members if they wanted to join, and both said no.

We started recording the album without them with a third member. The first one was a young lady but she didn’t finish recording the album with us – that’s when Rhona came in.

Cindy says that herself and the ladies currently do not have a relationship with the former members, and they have not kept in touch.


Cindy also shared that moving forward En Vogue is focused on rebranding themselves as the group that they are now. She says her favorite part of the process is performing live with the group and getting to create new music. She also shares the hardest part, which she says is “Figuring out the most effective way to reintroduce the public to who we are now and bringing them up to speed on how we got to where we are today and what happened to the former members.”

En Vogue recently released their single ‘Déjà vu’ and working on their current upcoming album ‘Electric Café’ which Cindy describes as “up-tempo and dancy, but still reflects signature En Vogue harmonies.”

Check out ‘Deja Vu’ below!

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