Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water #1Cleansing Product Of The Year

Written by. Chalise Macklin  Most women and teen girls love a “beat face”, but it is important to make sure you skin is healthy underneath the makeup. Wearing makeup for hours can be taxing on the skin. Garnier now offers a product that was once hard to obtain to help you remove your makeup properly and keep your skin healthy, and blemish free. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover and Cleanser is the # 1 new cleansing product of the year, according to new cleanser sales. Makeup artists have been using the product for years, but it recently became available to consumers in America. Micellar water was imported from France by product professionals in the past. The product is now offered in many drugstores throughout the country and it won’t break the bank. You can purchase the cleanser for less than $10 dollars. garnier1

The cleansing water removes makeup, cleanses, and soothes with no water and the best thing about the product is there are no harsh chemicals, alcohol, oil, dyes, or fragrance. All you have to do is pour the cleanser on a cotton pad (not a cotton ball) and wipe away all makeup and uncleanness. The success of this product lies in the molecules. The product is composed of tiny particles that surrounds impurities and gently lifts them away; leaving your skin clean and revived without over drying.   garnier2

Garnier SkinActive offers two versions of the product, including one that removes waterproof makeup. So, what are you waiting on? Check online to see if your local drugstore offers the product so you can try it out and maintain your skin like a pro. garnier4

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