[EXCLUSIVE]: Meet Talitha Bateman!

Talitha Bateman is a 14-year-old actress born in the small town of Turlock, California. Although she has a total of nine other siblings, it was her older sister Leah who inspired her acting aspirations. Talitha and her family currently live in Los Angeles, where she has been hard at work pursuing her career as an actress, but also doing regular ‘teen’ things like chores and schoolwork.

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Some of Talitha’s work includes her role as the lead in SONY’s theatrically worldwide released feature “The Fifth Wave,” where she was seen starring opposite Chloe Grace Moretz; as well as another leading role in EuropaCorp’s newest comedy feature “Nine Lives”, where Talitha acts alongside Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner.

Although Talitha has been a part of many great projects and opportunities, she has not let any of to get to her head.

When asked how she feels about being a star at such a young age, Talitha responded, “Well I don’t really feel like I am a star at all. I have been blessed with all of the projects I have done and I am very grateful. The best part of what I get the opportunity to do as an actress is raising awareness and funds for good causes like cystic fibrosis and the water crisis in poor nations.

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Get to know more about Talitha Bateman, check out Kontrol’s exclusive interview with her below!

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of acting? 

I love photography and I love to write. I also like hiking and martial arts.

Out of all of the characters you have played, which one would you say was the most relatable to you in real life?

 I would say I could relate the most to Heidi from So B. It. She has some similar characteristics to me because she is stubborn and independent. Unlike Heidi, I know my background, and from where I came, but I think, in some ways, every person – when they get to a certain age in life – goes on a journey of self discovery.

Which character has been the most challenging for you?  Why? 

 A lot of roles that I’ve played have presented different challenges. Sometimes the challenge is not so much in the character but in working with different directors. I have had directors that want me to say my lines very fast and I have had directors that want a lot of control over every creative choice. I have other experiences where I am given a lot of freedom. But even freedom can be challenging because you’re never sure if you’re hitting the mark until you see the final product.

What was it like working with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Spacey in ‘Nine Lives‘?

Kevin Spacey is so funny! I was laughing at the table read at his variety of “meows”. He and Christopher Walken seemed to really enjoy being a part of something light and fun. Jennifer Garner is such a gracious and kind human being that it was a joy to watch her interact with people. She is a household name, but she would sit and talk with anyone in the cast and crew between takes. We had a group of young girls working as stand-ins, and as background actors and they would sometimes surround her trailer waiting to see her, and she would come out and talk to them and even play with them. It was so sweet. She is also a devoted mom! She would FaceTime on set with her kids and she let us say “hi”. She was such an inspiration to me just by observing her.  Cheryl Hines is also very friendly and kind. She treated the cast and crew with respect and chatted with us on set. She also has this incredible fast wit! She’s a natural comedian.

Would you say that you still live a pretty regular life? 

Yes. I really I do. I am surrounded by family and that keeps me grounded. I am one of the youngest and my older siblings are all a big part of my life. Off set I am doing school, chores and playing just like anyone else my age

What advice would you give to other girls your age who want to pursue acting?

It takes such a commitment from family, and unless you live near the industry (LA, NY, Atlanta, Vancouver, etc.) it can be a big sacrifice for the whole family. If you do live close enough, your free time can be taken up by auditions and self-taping and callbacks. So I guess I would say be involved in a play or short film first, and make sure it’s something you truly love more than anything else, because it is not as easy as many young girls think.

What are some goals would you like to accomplish in film?

I would like another challenging role, maybe someone with a secret or from another world or with special gifts.

We saw last year you mentioned in an interview with Variety that you hoped to star in a horror film, what makes you want to do horror?

 The idea of playing a character so far from normal or who is normal and then undergoes an incredible transition is fascinating to me as an actress. Horror requires certain intensity and because I had never been able to experience the challenge on in full-scale movie I wanted to pursue it. I had no idea when I gave that interview to Variety how soon my wish would come true!

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Ms. Bateman just finished wrapping up Annabelle 2, and tells Kontrol, “My character in this was a dream role.”  You can watch her in the horror film on its release in May of 2017!

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