#AskPorsha: We Went On 2 Dates and His Card Keeps Declining


Girl I really need help. I kind of have a feeling what you might say but I’m going to ask anyway…lol. Ok so I work at a luxury car dealership as the receptionist. There are always men hitting on me every single day. And not busters but rich and wealthy men. My boss encourages me to flirt with them to get them to buy cars and what not. I’m not that kind of girl but every now and then I will agree to go out with one of the guys that approaches me. Well last month I agreed to have dinner with this really cute older man (he’s 42). So we get to dinner and we order almost $400 worth of food and drinks. Then the bill comes and he pays with a credit card. The waitress brought the card back and said that it was DECLINED! He argued up and down with her and said that it was some kind of mistake. He even went so far as to call the credit card company right there at the table. At this point I was super embarrassed so I got up to go to the bathroom. I was so afraid to go back to the table so I stood at the entrance to the restroom and watched him as he argued with the credit card company. When I finally walked back over he lied to me and said that they were closed so he never received an explanation. The manager then came over and insisted he find another form of payment. I was shaking in my boots thinking that he was going to ask me to pay but he didn’t. He called one of his friends that lived down the street and he brought the money to the restaurant.

Now you would think I would have learned my lesson but apparently not. You see I know he has money because he bought a 90k dollar Porsche from the dealership that I work at and lives in a million dollar condo. Not that I care about those things but I know the lack of money couldn’t have been the reason for the credit card being declined. Or at least that’s what I thought! We went out a week later and the exact same thing happened. What should I do? He wants to continue to date but I’m not sure if he’s financially stable.


Porsha Deshannon

Porsha Deshannon is a freelance writer and lives in Atlanta, GA. She began her career as a journalist for The Urban News in Asheville, NC and Assistant Editor for the Hilltop News. She is an avid fashion follower and writes cutting-edge style and beauty articles that inspire women to be there absolute best.

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