Do Athletes and Infidelity Go Hand in Hand?

Athletes have a lot to deal with especially being in the public 24/7.  There’s always someone waiting and watching to come off easy by either being associated with them or having information on them.  It’s not every day that you meet a man that’s popular, swimming in millions, and that like you, and that’s why we’re over here wondering why athletes make dumb decisions when it comes to women. Do you believe that athletes and infidelity go hand in hand?


Tough question to answer especially since we know that not all men are alike. We can’t assume that because most of the ballerific men have money, access, and can have anything they like that they’ll all betray us, but let’s look at the facts as we discuss a  few ballers infidelity woes and the women that were betrayed while not only holding the house and  kids, and their ballerbae!


Last week, TMZ broke the news that Lala and Carmelo Anthony were living in serrate homes and were separated and it was a bit much to swallow. One of our favorite baller couples were on break, and we didn’t know why! A few hours later, rumors began to swirl that Carmelo had knocked up a NY stripper and his wife wasn’t too happy about it, so she left.  It makes us wonder if Ballers have a problem with being faithful to their women.


One of our favorite homegirls Ms. Shaunie O’Neal has had her fair share being married to Basketball phenom Shaquille O’Neal, but she’s also endured her fair share of embarrassment due to his infidelities. Unlike many women. Shaq like many other ballers decided to share some of his infidelity issues in his 2011 book, “Shaq Uncut: My Story.  Don’t feel too  sorry for Shaunie, she was able to capitalize not only on her past relationship, but the story lines of her hit television show  Basketball Wives. That old saying rings true “ Every lesson, will be followed by a blessing.”



Next up, one of our favorite couples that we’ve dubbed #relationship goals for years, Dwayne and Gabrielle Union. We can’t forget when news first broke that Dwade could have possibly had a #breakbaby on the way on his longtime girlfriend, and the Fiancé Gab Union. The blogs were sent into a frenzy trying to get more info on the storyline, and it seemed as though it just dropped into our laps and we wants here for anyone destroying her happiness. Needless to say, it was true, but that didn’t stop the Wades from having one of the most elaborate weddings of the year, and those wedding photos were just breathtaking. Amongst all of the drama that they’ve been through in their relationship. As for the #breakbaby and his mama, you all know that story all too well.


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade


Last but not Least, the GOAT himself, Mr. Kobe Bryant got tied up in some mess a few years ago and was forced to have a press conference addressing his cheating ways with his beautiful wife Vanessa sitting right by his side.  So many women questioned why she stayed in her marriage when she could have easily walked away and won any lawsuit she threw at him, but money doesn’t solve the problem when you have children and families involved.


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant


The truth of the matter is that people are human and we must realize that we all make mistakes, some just have a heavier price to pay than others. When will our beloved ballers ever learn that it’s cheaper to keep her? There are women out her waiting for you to slip up so that they can take full advantage of you and your assets. Be faith, work on strengthening your relationship with your significant other, or leave the right way, by getting a divorce and having left your marriage free of scandals.


Written By: Tamara Butler

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