#BagTalk: Chasing the Bag

Morning Millenials!

It’s Wednesday which means its time for another #GirlfriendConfidential post but today ladies, we can round up the guys and pull them out a seat at the table because this topic pertains to us all. Nowadays we all fall into the habit of following “the next big thing” whether its a catchphrase like ‘cashmeoutside‘ or ‘bad and bougee’ or its a dance craze like ‘the whip and the nae nae’. One of the phrases thats been getting the most buzz as of lately is ‘chasing the bag’ and I’ve gotta say, that this is one phrase I can get behind.

Bag of money
Duffle bag full of European currency

‘Chasing the Bag’ simply means you’re on a money chase. And I’m all for it. I too am on a mission to chase the bag but my bag is full of more than just monetary means. I want my bag to be full of knowledge, success, wealth, good health and humility and none of that comes overnight. I know that acquiring THIS particular bag takes patience, it takes time, consistency and a whole lot of late nights and early mornings – but I’m willing to risk it all to secure my future. Chasing the bag should not be limited to one sole purpose but multiple. I don’t know if you all remember or not but I’m a mom and I have two little girls looking at me as an example of how to be great and I can’t let them down.

Amber Rose
Celebrity socialite Amber Rose holding a wad of money up to her ear

Having money is cool. Being able to just shell out cash or swipe your card and not worry about the cost, yeah it’s a dope concept but your bag should be deeper than that. Include a business plan so that your money can double itself in due time, add in some long hours of you working towards getting that dream car and don’t forget to add a droplet of humility. Admitting your mistakes and learning from them is all a part of maturing.

Once you begin to grow as a person, you can start growing that bag too.

Love Mo💖

Monique Tillman

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