Beauty Culturalist Phylencia “PT” Taylor

Phylencia "PT" Taylor
Phylencia “PT” Taylor

Meet Phylencia Taylor, a complex woman with layered experiences and a global perspective on life.

Committed to evolving people, places and things, Taylor has transpired into being an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Culturalist, and Educator.

As a Beauty Brand Executive with over a decade of experience, Taylor has worked with over 50 brands such as Carol’s Daughter, Wella Corporation, Johnson Products, and much more. She is also the author of Evolving Beauty, the Business of Beauty in a New Age.

Beauty has the ability to shape a woman’s identity and the world around her. Taylor understands the power of the beauty industry and shares how one can take their careers to the next level. Her decades of experience help fellow beauty pros navigate the new age of beauty business.


Evolving Beauty The Planner

“Evolving Beauty brand is a cultivated tool to boost evolution for success. Our platform is all about how to create tools, insight, information product services as well as achieve happiness and success.”

Beauty Culturalist Phylencia Taylor has created her Evolving Beauty Planner: Essential Tactics To Being Happy & Successful, featuring beauty influencers such as Cocotique’s Dana Hill, VH1’s Judy “Jae Nash (Girl Power Hour) and Sister Scientist’s Erica Douglas.  The planner is available now.

There is an e-book in the making as we speak, that encompasses innovation. On June 26th, a podcast series about the intersection of beauty, the business and culture will be released. “Beauty is an ongoing topic. It’s a powerful trillion dollar business, beauty will always be a commodity. [The podcast] covers the journey of women and the foundation of it. [Whether] it is the way we see the world and vice versa. From a relationship, product, service standpoint beauty is monetizing.”


What is one thing you want individuals to understand about your brand?

That it’s a holistic approach. It’s a journey, not a destination. By holistic, it comes from a personal, physical and professional approach. We are here to offer guidance, so you understand your authentic self and brand mastery.


Committed to cultivating people by illuminating their dreams; how does this bring light to your own brand?

It runs parallel to our platform, boosting the evolution of women to success. We constantly need to up our skill set and way of thinking. Cultivating tools, products, and services to help [individuals] reach happiness and success.


How have you incorporated the empowerment of women into your brand?

All the things I do are initially selfish. My first book, Evolving Beauty, was a business book. I wanted to share my story, my concept of marketing 101. [At the time] I wish I had a mentor during my corporate life. Then I wrote The Planner. It was about creating work-life balance, prioritizing what’s important to you and setting life goals. What is your goal for your life, [and does it] align with your core values?


I noticed you participated in talent pageants at a young age. How did that influence your perception of beauty?

It made me understand that you can use your feminine power to get things. Also, the competitiveness of women. Women that don’t participate in collective sports or team effort, don’t know how to be a team player.


How does beauty shape a woman’s identity or the world around her?

I think it should be enforced about the positivity of who you are and how you can enhance it versus the lack thereof. We need to work more diligently on advertisements that speak to that. There’s no one idealistic view of beauty. So often we’ve been forced to believe that the European idealization view of beauty is what beauty is. Now we are evolving because of the number of multicultural people in the world.


Explain the importance of beauty in this new day in age.

The world is trending natural; I would call it the second coming of the natural movement. “A little closer to my authentic self”.

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