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Beep me 911



There was once a time when communication was much different than it is today. Now your cell phone rings you pick up and you talk to your friends and family and handle major business deals. Well year ago before the cell phone was popular and affordable there was the now not so popular Pager. The Motorola Pager was an electronic device which allowed people to call your pager or beeper number and leave you a numeric message this message usually meant that someone wanted you to call them back at the number in which they left. The pager then began to spread like wild fire and in the 90’s if you had one you were on top of the latest gadget trend. The pager in the mid 90’s started to evolve you could have many different colors and even the style changed from the top to bottom style to the side style version. Not much longer after this you were able to send an alpha and numeric message. Although you rarely see them now some companies still use this type of service. Check out a few of the pictures below: when did you get your 1st pager?