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Reality TV plays a major part in the way we view things and while watching shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the images displayed are nothing short of unpredictable and full of bonafide hot messes. However, us as fans, haters, or simply just viewers sometimes forget that the people we’re watching on TV are human just like us and have personal lives, real families not in the limelight and feelings too. Although, the scripted world of reality television doesn’t grant any of its characters any real privacy or true insight into the lives of these people, Kontrol Magazine got a chance to sit and talk with one of the show’s artist, singer/songwriter and lyrical heavy hitter, Betty Idol! During an interview with us, she gave us the real on her involvement on the show “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”, the reunion, and her endeavors as an artist. She also gave us hot tea on her and Scrappy’s non-existent relationship and the new quarrel brewing between her and Scrappy’s fiancée, Bambi.

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In short, Betty Idol is an explosive bubble of positive energy looking to create music that gives off a certain “feeling”. She says, “that’s what music is, music is just a feeling.” We even delved into the extent of her music career and found out that she’s worked with some pretty big names such as Supafly, Blue Dolphin, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, The Justice League, and she’s currently signed to Universal as a songwriter. On the day to day, Betty Idol wears many hats and after acquiring recognition gained from her hard work and being featured on the show, she wears even more. She has started her own music company along with two other producers. And in the midst of all that, she’s still not slowing down. Betty Idol is also working on her personal brand and looks forward to what future has in store for her musically.

As many know from watching the show, fellow singer-songwriter K. Michelle had a lot to say about Idol’s personality, telling her that she should be on Broadway because she’s so “Woooh!” and she even tried to shade her music as well. But in the face of such criticism and hate, it all wound up being motivation for Ms. Idol because she definitely plans on auditioning for Broadway very soon. “There are some auditions coming very soon and I definitely plan on being there for those, and I’m going to get the role so I’m not worried.”  She proclaimed.

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What  many fans don’t know is that Betty was supposed to go to performing arts school during her childhood growing up in the Big Apple and even though school wasn’t a part of her journey in the arts her family definitely took the reins and trained her from the tender age of ten years old. She told us, “When my mom found out I could write and sing and stuff, she became really hard on me. When I came home from school I would finish my homework and then I’d have to write a song before I could go out and play, everyday.” Idol comes from generations of artists as both her mother and grandmother were singers-songwriters as well.

Aside from the music, Betty Idol is a proud advocate not only for the LGBT community but for all people. After viewing the many fights, arguments, and conversations between her and other cast members of the show, many wondered whether she was straight or ‘playing for the same team’ but she made it very clear that she is not lesbian or otherwise, but she does believe that people should be free to live their lives happily regardless of their sexual orientation, skin color, or preference is. “ So many greats have given us so much and not all of them have been straight. D. Smith is my best friend and she’s a genius! The way her mind works is crazy and she’s so nice and sweet.”

And that wasn’t all Ms. Idol had to share with us. She even chatted it up with us about the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, where she and Bambi apparently had words over Scrappy. “She just kept trying me, saying rude things to me.  And I’m not a little (expletive), I’m not just gonna let her disrespect me. I honestly think she’s delusional because she really thinks that I want to be with Scrappy and I made it clear from the beginning that Scrappy and I are not a thing and we were not going to be a thing. I’m not into him like that…”

“What many people don’t know is that I actually quit the show, like, in the middle of the season because they kept pushing the Scrappy thing, and I wasn’t comfortable with it. Even when he was flirting with me, I was like ehhh, maybe, he’s kind of cute, but I would quickly come back to my sense and be like, nah, I don’t like him like that.”

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I think it’s safe to say that the reunion will be full of tea, shade and fans will definitely be entertained. Regardless of all the drama, mess and overall pettiness she has endured this season, Betty Idol has plans that are being put in motion right now as we speak, and none of those things are stopping or bringing her down. She is an artist trying to spread as much love and music as she can and although the show has brought her both good vibes and bad, she says her favorite part was “getting the recognition for her music and giving the industry a face to put with the name Betty Idol.”

This black queen is going places and she’s not letting the haters slow her down.

By Lauren Sims

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