Being Mary Jane Fashion Recap: Is Second Place the New First Place? (Episode 4)




In this week’s episode of Being Mary Jane we found Mary Jane continuing her affair with her beau. The news star was faced with some interesting encounters between her beau and her beau’s wife. Thankfully the writers of Being Mary Jane introduced a new love interest for Mary Jane to tackle actor Wayne Brady’s character. I’m hoping with my fingers crossed that this pairing flourishes.


Second Place is the New First Place

Quite the clutch friend Mary Jane proves to be when a good friend of hers asks her to give the keynote address at a girls mentoring reception. In response to her catty exchange with the wife of her Mary Jane delivers a speech that clearly asserts her as the winner of the caddy argument. Mary Jane opts for a simple yet elegant gray toned cocktail dress, very fitting for the occasion. I couldn’t help but  liken her to our first lady Michelle Obama in this particular scene. And as most common pointed-toe heels was the choice of shoe.  Given her choice of words throughout her speech I guess I should add she did look wayyyy better than her chosen man of the moment wife.


Do-over Date 

Mary Jane kept it cute and covered for Round 2 with actor Wayne Brady’s character. Mary Jane throughout the episode embraced different styles of hoop earrings which in my opinion added a bit of youthfulness to her usual power figure persona. The tie-dye green detail and the pink blazer add a bit of drama to her otherwise casual look for her dinner date.

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