Bernice Burgos Denies Breaking Up T.I. & Tiny’s Marriage!

Bernice Burgos Says ‘She Ain’t No Side Chick’  while Reacting to the Rumors about Her Dating TI.

Bernice Burgos continues to defend herself against those who are referring to her as a home wrecker.

In the past years, T.I. and Tiny’s marriage has had its ups & downs and now has hit the public fan. The couple has been bombarded with rumors of infidelity and more. Just in the last few years Tip and Floyd Mayweather got in a fight over Tiny. Tiny said she only took a picture with Floyd at Mariah Carey’s party, only for footage of her dancing with Floyd at the same party to leak out.

Sources leaked that there have been other rumors that T.I. has had affairs forever, and that he’s even allegedly fathered children outside of their marriage. Oh yeah, and Tiny allegedly got in an altercation at an Atlanta hotel over T.I. and his rumored side chick, known escort Ana Montana. No one wanted to believe any of the divorce rumors over the years. I mean we all loved the Family Hustle and the images we were seeing of a happy family on TV, but it became all too real when Tiny filed last year for divorce.

Bernice Burgos speaks out against rumors of breaking up T.I & Tiny's home.
Bernice Burgos
Now let’s jump forward, T.I. is now caught up in another rumor supposedly. Possible rumors say that he has now been hooking up with Instagram model Bernice Burgos. There have been tips floating around of them hanging out together.

 Well Bernice has obviously had enough of the rumors despite all the information and emails hitting the media, claiming the two have something going on.

In the video above, she hopped on social media while at the gym, addressing the rumors that she is interfering with T.I.’s marriage. At one point, her friend explains the rules when it comes to being separated and Bernice adds:

“This is 2017, ain’t nobody going to be waiting for pussy and waiting to fuck just bc I’m getting separated.”
Bernice Burgos defends rumors of her breaking up T.I & Tiny's home.
Bernice Burgos

What do you all think about the Rumors?

Is there some truth to all of this? There is a lot of information circulating, so surely some truth must be somewhere right?

The world however is patiently waiting on T.I. to speak out against these rumors and so far Mr. Troubleman has remained silent. 

His most recent post on Instagram simply says, “If you don’t respect nothing else, YOU WILL respect this HUSTLE!!!”


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