Your Best Self: Mind, Body, and Soul

Your Best Self:

To obtain total health, one must take care of their mind, body and soul. Common ways to take care of yourself is drinking plenty of water, obtaining adequate sleep, and exercising. Mediation, counseling, and also socializing are also ways to properly take care of yourself and minimize stress. Research shows that nothing compares to good health. In fact, it is considered the only true wealth.

People often don’t value their health until it is too late, but the good news is as long as you are alive there is still time for change. If you feel you are tired a lot, depressed, or simply stuck in a rut it may be time to try some unconventional methods to regain your happiness and improve your mental and physical health. Practicing the same routine, or following the same plan daily can become boring and ineffective. Take a look at this list of 8 uncommon ways to improve the quality of your health.

  1. Increase your brain power:

Gabrielle Union’s attention-getting character, Mary Jane Patterson (Being Mary Jane) was definitely on to something posting all those sticky notes with affirmations on them around her bedroom and bathroom. Statistics show handwritten notes can boost your brainpower. Research from Indiana University indicates that you ‘process’ or learn more information by writing it down.

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  1. Drink coffee to help you sleep better:

Taking a nap a couple times a week to rejuvenate from a long day or week is a great

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option. Some people choose to drink warm milk or tea to help them sleep better, but coffee may actually be a better choice. The stimulants in coffee is said to help alleviate daytime drowsiness more effectively when the two are combined opposed to separately.


  1. Eat more to weigh less:

Fitness is a huge deal for most people. Everyone loves to look good and seek out ways to showcase their best physical self. If your goal is to reduce your portion sizes to lose weight or maintain a calorie controlled lifestyle health experts indicate you will need to eat more to eat less. So, eat up! Muscles take up less space than fat. Ironically, in order to wear a smaller size one must sometime gain a little bit of weight. Health experts suggest that health enthusiast focus more on turning fat into muscle instead of targeting a specific weight. When trainers say eat more they don’t mean the wrong things, but follow a regime of healthier, clean eating A dietician based in Texas explains eating small amounts of carbohydrates usually spikes your blood sugar and leaves you wanting more carbs. The dietician recommends choosing a protein such as peanut butter or string cheese with an apple. Those foods are higher in calories, but the protein and fat helps you get full faster and for a longer length of time; ultimately causing you to eat fewer calories overall.

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  1. Drink chocolate milk to replenish yourself after a workout:

In fact, you can drink chocolate milk for fitness. Sport and exercise nutritionist suggest there are two primary things needed after exercise: recover muscles, and encourage them to become stronger. Chocolate milk provides protein, as well as water and electrolytes. It also provides useful carbohydrates and restores lost energy.


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  1. Drink warm beverages to cool off:

Summer is almost here and you will crave cool, refreshing drinks to lower your body temperature. An iced or cold beverage seems like the likely choice, but a warm beverage may actually be better. Recent studies show drinking hot beverages such as tea during warm weather helps your body sense the change in temperature and increases sweat production. As the sweat evaporates from your skin, you will naturally cool off.


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  1. Spend less time with love ones to grow closer in relationships:

To improve your relationships whether with your significant other, family, or friends you may have to spend less time together. That doesn’t seem to make sense, but spending time alone allows you to process your thoughts instead of acting on impulse. Medical experts state that in addition, it reduces stress and anxiety and alleviate relationship strains.

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  1. An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away

Do you suffer from migraines? Put down the aspirin. An apple may do the trick. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago discovered that the scent of a green apple reduce the severity of migraines. Pleasant smells have the ability to relax people, reduce tension, and switch the focus from pain.

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  1. Change your bathroom behavior

Finally, bathroom behavior. If you flush with the lid up, it is time to change your routine. A microbiology professor at the University of Arizona strongly suggest you flush with the lid down to contain polluted water particles from floating around your bathroom for hours. This process could keep those particles from landing on your hairbrush or worse toothbrush. E. coli and other fecal-based bacteria can make you really ill.



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