Big Sean‘s latest studio album I Decided is blazing the charts. Within the first week of its release, it was streamed over 100,000 times and is currently sitting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This is major moment for any artist but especially for Big Sean because he says, “This is the first album I put out where I didn’t release physical copies with it. Physicals have always been a big part of my first week’s.” Sean said he didn’t want any of the songs leaking before his release date. He also wanted the chance to perfect the sound as much as possible without having to turn them in for distribution so early. Sean gave an example to The Breakfast Club, saying, “That song Sacrifices, that came in at the last minute, like last week.”

The Detroit native further explained during his Breakfast Club interview, that the album is broken up into four acts, the first representing finding your own light from within. The second, finding your true love realizing it’s not meant to be. Then part three, “It’s like when everything is going wrong, you spiral out of control, you’re in a pit, in the depths. Then part four is like when God pulls you out of that, your family is there for you, that unconditional love.”

Big Sean decided to show a much deeper side of himself with the music on this album, even admitting to having had suicidal thoughts in the song Voices in my Head, saying, “Voices in my head, attacking what I’m thinking, bullet to the head, might be the way to free it.” During his interview he says, “Yeah, I’m not saying I was going to do it, I’m saying yea I thought about it.” Sean attributes God for getting him through those times, as well as his family showing their unconditional love.

Physical copies of I Decided are now available in stores, as well as streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify.


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