Black Man – The Influencer : Three black men to know

With Obama out of The White House, have we lost our visual of the influential black man? Has the work of our leaders before us been erased ? Make no mistake , we are black men and we are here. Here’s our list of three black men who are shinning their light and spreading magic . And with their contributions to arts, entertainment and politics they are also influencing and shaping culture. Additionally breaking barriers and creating the new avenues for black men in America . Proving that black men too, are influential.

Three Black Male Influencers

The List: Three Black Male Influencers

Kenny Burns

Kenny Burns, also known as the “Lifestyle Specialist,” is the SVP at Revolt TV. With an extensive background in all things entertainment, Burns has major influence in fashion, music and the luxury lifestyle. Burns who got his start throwing parties ended up making the right connections. In addition to making connections, Kenny begun building  a name for himself in luxury nightlife and music . Shortly after getting started Kenny improved his resume by promoting ‘Miss Thing, the debut album by Grammy award winning artist Monica, by serving as SVP at Bad Boy Enterprises, and by being the Greygoose guy, just to name a few of his many jobs. With connections like Rock A Fella , Diddy and a few other well known industry players Kenny himself became one of those industry executives . Kenny is a true pioneer of the title “Lifestyle Specialist” and is inspiring young black men to follow suit.

Tyrone Hunter

Served Fresh , Ty HunterTyrone Hunter is a celebrity stylist turned mogul. Although most of us who are familiar with “Ty Hunter” will associate him with Beyoncé, there is more to his brand than styling Queen Bey. Ty is the creator of Ty-lite (the original selfie lighting case) and designer of “With Passion,” a fashion line in collaboration with the ‘Served Fresh’ brand. Additionally ,Ty has also launched a set of emojis.  Make no mistake, Ty Hunter is impacting what we do with our passions. Ty, recently spotted on scene at NYFW ’17’, can also be seen on television and social media giving fashion and correspondence for E News and Fashion Bomb Daily.

Deray Mckesson

Deray MckassonDeray Mckesson is one of the primary founders of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. McKesson, popular amongst his peers for his love of equality and willingness to go above and beyond for change, is making activism look great.  Deray setting the tone for what it means to stand up for  what you believe in.  Mckesson has a new age approach with a Martin Luther King Jr. attitude and it’s both refreshing and inspiring. Mckesson tackles issues head on. With a huge social media following behind him, Deray influence the masses to stand up, be confident and stay woke . It’s no wonder why Mckesson was honored at the 2016 Native Sons Awards. We support your movement Deray . Thank you .

Kenny Burns , Tyrone Hunter and Deray McKesson – three black men who are influcing the way we live, reshaping our culture and changing the way that the world views us. They each prove that black men are magic and very important to culture. We salute you .

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