Brandy Sues Chameleon Entertainment Group for Blocking Her From Releasing New Music

Starz, it’s time to band together. Chameleon Entertainment Group, #FreeBrandy from that BS contract right this instant!

According to the Associated Press, our girl Brandy, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Chameleon Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, claiming the label won’t allow her to record or release new music in an attempt to force her into signing a new recording deal.

via AP:

The suit says Brandy signed with Chameleon in 2011, which released her album “Two Eleven” in 2012. The deal gave Chameleon the option to release four more Brandy records, but her suit says the label refused to allow her to record a new album.

The lawsuit says Brandy terminated her contract with Chameleon but wants a judge’s ruling that it is void.

In the meantime while we wait for new Brandy music, the Vocal Bible is gearing up to reprise her role as Roxie Hart in Chicago and a little over two months ago, Bran-Bran released a smash song called “Begging and Pleading” which should be every girls’ powerful break up anthem.

Monique Tillman

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