You Can’t Party With Us! A Pre-ESPY Award Party Turns Blac Chyna Away

It looks like all the Blac Chyna drama is still going strong. I’m sure you know by now about all the drama Blac Chyna had with her baby daddy Rob Kardashian last week. It appears that not everyone is thrilled with Chyna’s recent antics, and they basically don’t want to be in her company. Recently, the Chyna doll reportedly pitched a major fit because she was denied entry into a party. The pre-Espy Award party didn’t even have Chyna on the list of celebs attending the party.

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According to Page Six,


“We’re told Chyna was not invited to Tuesday’s Body at ESPYs party at Avalon Hollywood-where stars like Lamar Odom (another Kardashian ex), Aaron Rodgers and Lindsey Vonn were celebrating- and that she ‘tried to crash’. They didn’t let her in because she wasn’t on the list and had a bad attitude.


“On the plus side, onlookers said the 29-year-old looked ‘elegant’ in an all-white outfit. She wore another sleek white look to court on Monday, where she was granted a temporary restraining order against ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian days after he unleashed revenge porn of her on social media.”

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Wait, let me get this straight. So, Chyna was trying to get into a party that she wasn’t even invited to in the first place. Then became irate because they wouldn’t let her into a party that she wasn’t invited to.  Aww, they wouldn’t let poor little tink tink into the party. Hmm, maybe Chyna thinks since she has given birth to a Kardashian, she now how Kardashian privilege for life. Can the congregation please tell Chyna to have several seats and stay woke!

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So, what are your thoughts? Should they have let Blac Chyna into the party? Do you feel that Blac Chyna has some sort of sense of entitlement? Did her attitude keep her from getting in the party? Would you go to a party you are not invited to? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks

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