Danger, Conspiracy, & Drug Cartels–Sicario is Sick!
The War on Drugs has raged for decades now, but never before has hit been waged so openly on American soil. Tension between the United States and Mexico reach an all time high, after a botched battle between the FBI and a Mexican drug cartel causes the decimation of... Read more
Every now and then a movie comes around that reminds you just how amazing and scary being human can be. In this movie there are superheroes, no villains, and no cosmic event; just good old fashioned Man vs. Nature. Enter The Martian! This time around, albeit, it’s Mother Nature’s otherworldly... Read more
Russell Simmons and Gabourey Sidibe Partner Up for a Prison Documentary
Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons has snagged Empire star Gabourey Sidibe for a collaboration with Fusion on a juvenile justice documentary, “Prison Kids: A Crime Against America’s Children” debuting Sunday, October 4. October is National Youth Justice Awareness Month (YJAM) and Fusion is taking a deeper look into America’s juvenile... Read more
Free Movie Passes–The Martian!
Megastar Matt Damon is back, and he is back in space again! Yep, the man we know and love from the Bourne movies is yet again venturing into the final frontier. This time around he is on the first manned spaceship to Mars. Check out the synopsis!: During a... Read more
Sony Altered Will Smith’s “Concussion” Film to Prevent NFL Protests
While the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith is due out in December, the trailer was released just this Monday. It showed Will Smith as Bennet Omalu, whose work diagnosing a disease in American football players known as C.T.E. — a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head... Read more
Mike Epps to Star in Richard Pryor Biopic Alongside Oprah and Eddie Murphy
   According to Deadline, media maven Oprah Winfrey and actor Eddie Murphy have signed on to join Mike Epps — who’ll be starring in the Richard Pryor biopic as Pryor himself. The Weinstein Company is ready to greenlight its Richard Pryor biopic, and my, have Harvey Weinstein and Lee Daniels put together... Read more
Michael B. Jordan to Star in New MGM’s New Superhero Movie, “Blood Brothers!”
Fantastic Four was a mess! We get it, let’s deal with it and move on just like Michael B. Jordan is–to a new superhero film. Whereas most actors would have steered away from any further superhero roles Jordan is already in talks to be Tree, from Dark Horse Comics’ Blood... Read more
Director Guillermo Del Toro Wants Godzilla in Pacific Rim 3!
More monsters, more giant mecha suits (jaegers), and now The King of Monsters too! If director, Guillermo Del Toro has his way Godzilla will making an appearance in Pacific Rim 3! As you recall, Pacific Rim centers around Earth’s military trying to defend the planet from an otherworldly invasion of monsters from... Read more
Sinfully Scary! Sinister 2 Opens Up This Weekend!
The end of summer is always looked at so sadly, but the seasons, just like life must go on. When it comes to summer, the demise of the summer blockbuster gives way to a season of horror! September and October always signal the coming of Fall and the scary... Read more