Cinematic Debut! Get Your First Look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool Movie Set!
The anticipation for the Deadpool movie probably just skyrocketed…and got a little weirder at the same time! Meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a Gothic mutant, and the latest comic book character to make their cinematic debut in the upcoming Deadpool movie. In the comics, she was Ellie Phimister, a Genoshan (from... Read more
The Rocky films will forever be a classic and hopefully,this new spin-off will earn it’s way into that category as well. New film “Creed” will be a spin-off to ‘Rocky’ and will star actor Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the son of Rocky Balboa’s former rival Apollo Creed.... Read more
The Resistance is REBOOTED! Terminator Genisys is The Movie of The Summer!
Time travel just got a whole lot weirder thanks to the debut of Terminator Genisys! This marks the hit franchise’s sixth film and its first reboot. Our favorite Terminator, T-800 (Arnold Schwarzegger) is back–and older. This time around the machines have finally met their demise. In a desperate attempt to... Read more
Lightning Strikes Twice! Magic Mike XXL RULES!
Magic Mike was suppose to be a one trick pony on the grand scale of movies. So when a sequel was announced, speculation and not anticipation was the name of the game. Could a film about male strippers…we mean male entertainers really be a hit twice? Well if you... Read more
Say What? X-Men & Fantastic Four Movie Crossover in 2018!?
Well it looks like Marvel Studios will not be holding a monopoly on the expansion of their cinematic universe for too much longer. Fox has plans of its own for its X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. As you recall, the movie rights for these two franchises are currently owned... Read more
Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Magic Mike XXL and Women Controlling their Sexuality
Jada Pinkett Smith is queen of the of the castle in Magic Mike XXL, Shes strong, passionate and in full Kontrol of all the men in her castle so to speak. Jada Pinkett Smith stars as Channing Tatum‘s old friend and former flame in what is sure to be... Read more
MAGIC MIKE “Prize Pack” Sweepstakes Giveaway
Magic Mike is BACK for round two this summer!! Ayou guys ready for the fun world of sexy men stripping and bring your every fantasy to life? Well Come July first the guys are picking up the story three years after Mike (Channing Tatum) bowed out of the stripper... Read more
Check It Out! “Boruto: The Naruto Movie!”
Naruto grew up, got busy, and had a son! Yep, the kick ass clans of ninjas we grew up with are back with the next generation of students and their coming to a theater near you. Naruto is one of the most popular and beloved anime series in the world.... Read more
Gargoyles Movie casting! Check out the candidates for Goliath!
It looks like Disney is moving forward with a live action version of the Gargoyles series and has even begun checking out a few tall and hunky candidates for the role of Goliath! As you recall, Goliath is the leader of the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles and the series’ protagonist.... Read more