[New Music] JoJo featuring Remy Ma “Fab”
In case I’ve never told you guys before, I love me some Joanna Levesque. I bought her very first CD ” JOJO” and to this day, “Use My Shoulder”, “Breezy”, “Keep on Keeping On”, and “Fairy Tales” are on my music playlist.   Just yesterday, JoJo stepped up to... Read more
Common Releases New Music Video for “Black America Again”
Common just dropped the title track from his forthcoming album, Black America Again, and the music video is a powerful testament to the tragic yet common tale of police brutality and injustice against black Americans today. “Black America Again” opens with footage of the muder of Alton Sterling that sets the... Read more
#KontrolReads A THUG AND A GENTLEMAN Misa’s Story  by Mona
A THUG AND A GENTLEMAN Misa’s Story “Sometimes the most dangerous things are the most beautiful.” – Misa Like the old saying goes: two wrongs don’t make a right. But for Misa, who’s unhappy in her marriage to Jason, two wrongs make for a happy life. Jason works tirelessly... Read more
Kontrol Music Wednesday: Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion
Lady Gaga is back with a new music video for her latest single “Perfect Illusion” which premiered last night and critics have had plenty to say about it thus far. She announced on Twitter last week that her video for “Perfect Illusion” will air during the season 2 premiere... Read more
Solange Knowles New Face of Michael Kors’, ‘The Walk’
Written by. Chalise Macklin Solange Knowles carved her own lane making sure the world knows she is more than just Beyonce’s little sister. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter, DJ, model, and actress in her own right. Solange has been recognized as a fashion icon and has an endorsement deal... Read more
Kim Burrell and Pharrell Williams Performed for Hidden Figures Concert
Kim Burrell and Pharrell Williams performed during the “Hidden Figures” concert at Festival Street during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 10, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Pharrell Williams took some free time from The Voice to produced and composed the music for the upcoming dramatic film Hidden Figures. Over the weekend, Pharrell sat... Read more
Alexis Ayanna Blossoms On The Scene
When one looks at the bud of a flower and observes the tender size of the creature, a twinge of an agonizing sense of protection comes over them for just a second. One wonders about the potential of that little bud. How will it bloom? Will it know to... Read more
New Elvis Presley Album to be Released this October
The music of legends never dies! According to several media outlets, a new Elvis Presley album is on it’s way. The album is being released which features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on classic tracks such as ‘Suspicious Minds’ and ‘A Big Hunk O’ Love’. The LP is titled ‘The Wonder... Read more
U Make Me Wanna… Have Some Style!
By: Eric Kelley II    “After tonight, don’t leave your girl ‘round me, true playa for real, ask my homie Pharrell.” Do you remember where you were when those lyrics fell on your ears? I do! Hartsville, SC, 2001 at our local skating rink. The man to make that... Read more