K Camp “Only Way Is Up”
K Camp presented his highly anticipated debut album on Interscope records titled “Only Way Is Up” at his listening party, at Suite Lounge, in Atlanta, Georgia. He went through his past on how he got to where he is now in his career. From becoming his own boss to signing his... Read more
#KontrolReads Curse of the Whiskey House (Whiskey House Trilogy) by Marc Lacy
This historic Bible Belt homestead located in Hawthorne County, Alabama has a population of 45,000 and is nationally renowned for its fine whiskey. There is an old saying around Lazarus, once you enter the whiskey house, if you should ever come out, your life goes south. Lazarus, a lively city... Read more
#KontrolReads To Love a No Good N**A by Phoenix Williams
To the outside world, the Bird sisters have it all: money, power, a successful interior design firm, and beauty. However, on the inside, these three black socialites are a mess. They have allowed the dysfunctional and at times, emotionally abusive marriage of their parents to color their views on... Read more
BEST SELLING AUTHOR NI’COLA MITCHELL LAUNCHES “PUM PUM” SHOP & SIP EVENT Writing is a lifestyle Las Vegas Edition   LAS VEGAS – Best-Selling Author/Advocate Ni’cola Mitchell launched her 10th book, “Pum Pum” and hosted Shop & Sip, where an audience of over 100 toast-makers, readers, and media at... Read more
Empire’s Serayah McNeil Forges Her Own Path in Music
Serayah McNeil’s first acting gig is her role as Tiana (aka Hakeem’s girlfriend) on FOX’s hit show “Empire” and she has struck gold with this role. For the season finale of Empire, the show’s ratings hit an impressive 16.7 million total views! That’s bananas! Since the first season ended,... Read more
#KontrolReads Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust 2 by Khara Campbell
Just when Cassandra thought perhaps she was getting her life on track, she’s faced with an unwanted pregnancy, by a man she doesn’t love and who doesn’t love her back. It seems history is repeating itself for Marco as well – a second woman pregnant from a one night... Read more
#KontrolReads The Revelation Unveiling the Mask by Precious A. Jackson
Crossroad: a point at which a vital decision must be made. On February 6, 2006, Precious Jackson had to make one of the most devastating choices that anyone has ever had to make; to live or die. Precious’ world was shattered as she peered at it through a broken... Read more
New Music: Atlanta’s Own – Rey Fonder!
“It happened at one of the most convenient times in my life,” Rey Fonder croons melodically over a low tempo beat referencing an eye disease, called acute retinal necrosis, that nearly took his eyesight. Today, Rey is preparing for the release of two albums entitled “T.R.U.S.T, a Hip-Hop record,... Read more
#KontrolReads Pink Shades of Seduction by Hazel Mills
Whether newly discovered or rekindled, there is no feeling in the world like pure passion coursing through our veins. It erupts at our core and allows us to be free and uninhibited. Shades of Pink Seduction explores passions that are buried deep in the subconscious and allow you to... Read more