Top Accessories You Need Right Now
The best thing about an amazing outfit, other than the outfit itself of course, is the accessories you use to accompany it! I’m going to show you 10 of my favorite accessory trends right now!  Read more
Catch That ‘Shade’
We, at Kontrol, obviously have an obsession with shades! What can I say they are the perfect accessory for any occasion. You can literally wear them anywhere; at the beach, in the car, on the street when you’re on the move. Shades don’t just block the sun, they give your whole aura an... Read more
A$AP Rocky Reveals Why He Wasn’t Ready For Chanel Iman
When it comes to love and relationships, we often hear and see so many discrepancies on the man’s part that we can forget about willful integrity. What happens when you date a guy who may really be into you, but isn’t as committed as you may be? Wouldn’t you... Read more
It’s that time of week again! Style Spy time! Ever walk past someone in the streets and think to yourself how much you like what they have on! Style Spy is exactly that! Capturing that instance in which paths are crossed and you scope out a person or people... Read more
Model Drew McCreary Keeps The ‘Hustle’ Mentality Of A New Yorker
When you think of the name Drew Vision, you think of one great stage moniker that encompasses his talents – modeling, singing, and more. But what about the guy underneath that alias? What about all-around New York native Drew McCreary? McCreary sat down for a small interview that transitioned... Read more
MKI Shows Off Matching Denim Collection For Spring/Summer 2015
Well go head MKI… The UK based company Miyuki-Zoku, pronounced Mee-You-Kee, was discovered back in 2010 by creative director Vik Tailor. With edgy fashions, denim shirts, jackets, jeans and more, this fashion store has been able to ascertain a great following. Having a feature in the US with Complex,... Read more
‘Snapback’ To Reality
Winter is over and Spring has sprung! So yes, beanies can be worn in the Spring, but with the warm weather you’ll end up with sweaty hair and ladies once you wear the beanie don’t even think about taking it off because you’ll have flat, hat hair. I like... Read more
This past Friday, March 20th, I had the pleasure of attending Colour U Cosmetics’ event, The Art Of Colour U, at Blue Mark Studios! I had the most amazing time! Upon entry you checked in and set foot into a lively atmosphere set by live disc jockey DJ GorJess!... Read more
Make up seems to have so many rules and regulations. With many ways to apply and enhance, how do you truly find what really works for you? In my experience everything that looks good on this person or the next person doesn’t necessarily look the same way on me.... Read more