Cropping Up! : A Look at the Cropped Pant Trend
Back-to-school is almost here and that means fall fashion is in full effect. While the fashion world is already onto fall styles, the steamy summer temperature says otherwise for the rest of us. It’ll be a tad bit longer before we will be wearing sweaters and full-length pants. In... Read more
COS: Minimalist Dressing on a Budget
In a perfect world I would step out everyday in a pristine Celine or Jil Sander ensemble. However, the universe has not quite aligned my financial stars in order for me to be able to afford such a wardrobe. Thus I have been happily forced to use my creativity... Read more
How To be an All-Star in All-White
What is summer without an all-white party … or 2, or 3? I am sure if you have not attended an all-white party that you will be attending one before the summer’s end. Personally any party that requires me to dress in the same color as hundreds of other... Read more
TREND ALERT: Leather Purse Stickers
I remember when my Trapper Keeper was full of sparkly ‘Pretty, Pretty Pony’ stickers. I would carry it proudly down the hall, perfectly tucked under my arm as to not cover any of the stickers. Who would imagine almost 20 plus years later I’d get to revel in the... Read more
Wang’s Departure from Balenciaga
Alexander Wang’s tenure at Balenciaga will come to close reportedly after the Spring 2016 show during Paris Fashion Week.  Thus after October 7th, Wang will no longer be designing for Balenciaga.  It is unclear whether Wang was let go or if it was by his own decision to not... Read more
OUT! Calvin Klein features Same-Sex Couple in New Fall Ad!
                    Fashion and sexting? An interesting combination, especially when you see Calvin Klein’s latest ad featuring same-sex love. Klein’s Fall 2015 ad, in an effort to captive the eighteen to twenty-five year old demography, is featuring models as couples sexting... Read more
5 Style Mistakes Women Make
Improper Undergarments I am sure that every woman has heard this before, but “a better bra makes for a better you.” This is true, because you want the “ladies” to sit nice and right. A well fitting bra can make you look slimmer and enhance an hour-glass figure. So... Read more
Be Jidenna–A Classic Man!
Jidenna’s summer jam ‘Classic Man’ is not just enigmatic of a man with a certain level of charisma. Rather it extends to man who has certain taste level as well. While Jidenna has certainly brought bespoke suiting to the awareness of a younger, urban audience. The trend towards more... Read more
For years there has been talk amongst black models about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and folks are finally starting to listen and take a step in the right direction. W Magazine has decided to feature all black models in a new photo spread for its... Read more