NeNe Leakes is Looking Good
Recently announcing that she had a new deal that she was really looking forward to with Kim Kardashian as well as her departure from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe has been doing big things! She posted pictures on her Instagram revealing her presence on the up and coming... Read more
A Must Have! Taaluma Totes–Backpacks that “Carry a Country!”
Backpacks are one of the few accessories that never go out of style. Wisely, two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of customized totes (bags) made from the local fabrics of different countries–Taaluma Totes! This means if you cannot afford to travel to the country of your dreams,... Read more
Mix, Mingle, & Makeup Affair| Kami Cosmetics
Kami Cosmetics and beauty store, The Glamatory, teamed up to present a night of fun, makeup, food, and drinks. What more could anyone ask for? The room filled with laughter gave off the aura of comfort. Attendees mingled with each other while raffle ticket numbers were called out. Some... Read more
How To: Denim Vests
People seem to think that denim is such a tricky thing to style when it’s not concerning jeans. Denim has to be the easiest thing to style. This is due to the simple fact that denim can be worn in so many different ways. I wear denim like it’s... Read more
BET Awards Fashion: Fierce or Faux Pas
The BET Awards last night was quite a sight. Some stars shined bright while others were a sight for sore eyes. There were many trend spot it last night! There were many trends spotted last night. There were also many things that never needed to be seen again.  From... Read more
#LIFE! Kendall Jenner & Naomi Campbell Serve All Sorts of it at The Givenchy Fashion Show!
Mens’ Fashion Week is definitely in full swing and some amazing male designers have showcased some new and trendy pieces to die for! None, however, come close to the Givenchy Fashion show. Not only were pieces in the show unique, wearable, and catchy; budding model Kendall Jenner and fashion... Read more
Rime Business Owner Empowers Women For The Rime x Reebok Ventilator “Diamond” Sneak
Yesterday (June 26, 2015), Rime business owner Sue Boyle continued to celebrate her collaboration with Reebok for the creation of Reebok x Rime Ventilator “Diamond” shoe. The shoe was released on the 25th specifically at the retail store, but wider release is expected for July 2. The Brooklyn-based store also has... Read more
Accessories: Must Haves for Guys
Suspenders:   It’s time to erase the Steve Erkel image from your mind and get re-introduced to suspenders. This item can never go out of style. It’s strictly for the classic man; the brother on the move that is making a name for himself. Purchase this accessory in earth... Read more
Does Having A Beard Make You Feel Attractive Fellas?
Rick Ross, David Bishop, Omarion, Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba – Yep, they’ve got something in common. All of them have rocked (or still rocking) a beard. Social media has certainly started to glorify men with beards about as quickly as a meme for a baby momma or how LeBron... Read more