Inspired! (Winter Fash Inspired by Kim K)
                    Winter Fash With A Little Sass: Why be on one side or the other when you can be neutral!? Winter fashion has shown trends of nudes, khakis, olives, and classic blacks. Kim Kardashian West has been a bit of a trailblazer... Read more
Keeping Up With Kendall
Keeping Up With Kendall Read more
Hot or Hmm… JLo in Emilio Pucci/Kim VS Rita
Hot or Hmm… JLo in Emilio Pucci/Kim VS Rita Read more
Missoni was founded in 1953, when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni set up a small knitwear workshop in Gallarate, they presented their first collection under the Missoni label in Milan in 1958 and have been putting out chic collections ever since. Missoni is a high-end Italian fashion house known for its colorful knitwear... Read more
White and gold or blue and black was the question Thursday night? Ellen DeGeneres tweeted Thursday night, “From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold.” This tweet was in reference to the British Roman Originals dress that shook... Read more
Reebok’s Pump Kamikaze II Nears Release Date
Introduced back in 1989, the Reebok Pump was the first shoe to ever have an internal inflation component. Located on the lower and upper tongue of the shoe, the pump helped to regulate cushioning locked around the ankle. The Pump has been seen and worn by ballers like Shaquille O’Neal,... Read more
Style Watchin': Trey Songz
When it comes to Trey Songz, it’s no secret that the Grammy nominated singer has a legion of female fans. His career-making music has been based off appealing to women’s emotions with sex fueled, player-ish type lines with the occasional “Okay, so I’m ready to settle down now” motif... Read more
Chad Johnson Wants To Fill Fashion Police Vacant Spot
Here we go! Kelly Osbourne hasn’t even been away from the show Fashion Police long enough to let her seat collect a single dust spec and people are already putting in their resume for the vacant spot, including former NFL superstar wide receiver Chad Johnson (formerly known as Chad Ochocinco).... Read more
Kontrol Your Style: Get the Look for Less- Miranda Kerr
Maxi dresses are coming your way and Miranda Kerr is the prime example! It’s time to regain Kontrol of Your Style! We are finally on the home stretch! Say adios to the Winter season and hello to Spring! Prepare the senses for the smell of flowers and the feel... Read more