Make up seems to have so many rules and regulations. With many ways to apply and enhance, how do you truly find what really works for you? In my experience everything that looks good on this person or the next person doesn’t necessarily look the same way on me.... Read more
As the weather warms up it gets more and more difficult to keep both natural and relaxed hair perfectly straightened. Sometimes we as women get bored with our every day look and need to change it up. Whether you braid it up, weave it up, whatever. Protective styling is... Read more
The Towel Series: Mario Testino
I’m sure you’ve all seen the hashtags dubbed The Towel Series. Well thanks to Mario Testino we are seeing a lot of celebs in nothing but a towel! The Towel Series works like this: Testino invites who he sees fit to his “private club,” shoots them in their towel, and... Read more
Eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether we’re shielding our eyes from the UV rays or simply trying to catch some sleep on the train, shades have become a staple in our lives. With so many cool styles to choose from cat-eye, round, aviator, and square we like to switch... Read more
The official first day of Spring is near, March 20th, and there are two trends that just don’t seem to want to just stop at winter, but instead transcend into the Spring season as well. Everyone knows that trends have their own set length of time that they may... Read more
Olivia Wilde: Face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection
Actress Olivia Wilde is the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection, last year she teamed up with H&M and on a clothes recycling campaign called Comeback. She is the co-founder of philanthropic e–commerce site Conscious Commerce and supports a host of other environmentally friendly charities. So it’s no wonder she... Read more
Hot or Hmm..?
It’s that time again where your opinion is actually wanted!  These celebs were out styling and profiling but did they get it right or should they have stayed in and tried again? Let us know in the comments if the outfit was Hot or Hmm! Read more
Men That Exude Style Effortlessly.
Man of Style is someone that you see wearing an outfit you might have never thought could work for you and visualize it on yourself and you look GOOD. The Man of Style is diverse with his steez and has many different options. My Man of Style this week... Read more
8 Hair Color Trends to Spice Up Your Spring
Spring is in the air, and it’s time to change up that hair. Hair color is such a a fun way to change up your hair without really doing much of anything. Hair color changes can cause one to look like a completely different person. A bad hair dye... Read more