Ayesha Curry Launches Shoe Collection With Freshly Picked
Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA’s unanimous decision MVP, Steph Curry, is taking a page out of her husband’s playbook and debuting her very own footwear collection. Ayesha partnered with Freshly Picked for a line of baby shoes that are inspired by all things Curry, including a pair that is... Read more
American Apparel releases a collection to celebrate pride month
American Apparel’s newest collection celebrates gay pride month while taking a jab at Donald Trump too. The “Make America Gay Again,” collection was released yesterday. The limited-edition capsule consists of four top styles, a tote, and dad hate that have the “Make America Gay Again” or “Make America LGBT... Read more
Kontrol Homme: Mens Fashion Line Dunyah On The Rise
Are you looking to stand out this season? Are you always on the hunt for great Men’s Fashion pieces? Do you find it irritating when everyone around you wardrobe starts to look the same? Well look no further…we have found a great new line called Dunyah that you’re going to... Read more
Louis Vuitton CRUISE – NEXT LEVEL! By: The Billion Brand
Louis Vuitton has raised the bar yet again! This weekend they released the much-anticipated cruise 2017 collection at Oscar Niemeyer’s Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. What was very powerful about this occurrence is that despite the possibility of contracting the Zika virus, the fashion world was... Read more
Feature Spotlight: Amy McNish
Meet the President and CEO of A.M. Image Consulting & Fashion Styling Boutique, Amy Nish. She is a certified image consultant from Washington, DC who’s been in business as an image consultant, fashion stylist, and clothing designer for over 20 years. She specializes in “color management”, showing individuals how to... Read more
Midget Giraffe: The stylish oxymoron in the African fashion market
Oxymorons are quirky contradictions that just somehow work, and Midget Giraffe is easily becoming the best one yet. This Nigerian-American clothing line is the stylish juxtaposition of unexpected cuts and punchy prints. Not only do the striking colors catch your eye, but the patterns are tailored to be both... Read more
Onyii & Co. brings African-inspired fashion to the global stage
While searching the Zuvaa website, I discovered and fell in love with Onyii & Co. Bright, bold patterns cover cool culottes and fabulous wrap dresses in this African-inspired clothing line. The textiles and lines created with these pieces are absolutely stunning. Onyii & Co. is the brainchild of Onyii... Read more
Zuvaa celebrates 2 years as the go-to African fashion site
By Chic Chik, fashion writer. Melanin is popping and so is African fashion. Just take a look at the prom dress that broke the Internet last year and the kente swimsuit models that currently have everyone watching. Black fashion queens are longing for a place to represent African heritage, and if you... Read more
The Fashion Epiphany! (5 Transitional Tips) by: The Billion Brand
Men’s fashion/ personal style is on the rise and the young man who once cared nothing about his presentation and looked at clothes like they were just mere pieces of material to cover their body, with no further purpose or importance, has had an EPIPHANY! Contrary to popular opinionated stereotypes, the... Read more