Zuvaa celebrates 2 years as the go-to African fashion site
By Chic Chik, fashion writer. Melanin is popping and so is African fashion. Just take a look at the prom dress that broke the Internet last year and the kente swimsuit models that currently have everyone watching. Black fashion queens are longing for a place to represent African heritage, and if you... Read more
The Fashion Epiphany! (5 Transitional Tips) by: The Billion Brand
Men’s fashion/ personal style is on the rise and the young man who once cared nothing about his presentation and looked at clothes like they were just mere pieces of material to cover their body, with no further purpose or importance, has had an EPIPHANY! Contrary to popular opinionated stereotypes, the... Read more
Kontrol Homme: 8/omakase Measures UP!
2015 was the year of the classic man … Men really stepped their game and their style up to a new level. Fashion for men took on a new meaning and that continues in 2016. Every man deserves to have quality clothing and 8/Omakase delivers just that. 8/omakase is a subscription... Read more
Zendaya Launches Her New Shoe Line, Daya!
On Friday, January 29, Zendaya kicked off her new shoe line “Daya” with a pre-launch party planned by celebrity event planner, David Tutera. We all have been stalking Zendaya instagram page just waiting on the release of Daya. Zendaya is really making sure that she goes all out for her... Read more
Actress/Comedian Cocoa Brown Puts Fashion To Figure
Actress Cocoa Brown is switching it up for the world and we’ve got the first look at her hot new figure and the scope on all things fashion for Cocoa Brown . We recently had the pleasure of doing a beautiful fashion shoot with Cocoa and interview regarding her intro... Read more
*Kontrol Insider* Fur Is a Must, Even When It Is 70 Degrees…
Well, it’s still winter and the weather in Georgia is still a little iffy.  For the most part, colder weather has finally set in but there’s still a few days with warmer temperatures that slip through the cracks. Since my last post/semi-rant on The Jackie Trench, I will say... Read more
The Comeback of Bill Blass
When women shop, our number one goal is to find the cutest and most affordable outfit.  The clothing line Bill Blass has had some trouble producing this in the past as it was abandoned back in 2012 due to financial issues . While most brands would have stayed... Read more
Beyonce Sizzles in 5:31 Jérôme
In the ever-changing landscape that is the fashion industry it seems as though trends, styles and designers come and go. However once in awhile you get a nice refreshing zephyr of talent that flips the fashion industry upside down and on its head. This is where Jérôme LaMaar comes... Read more
Normcore: Standout by Blending In
So the latest trend is not a trend. It is an anti-trend of sorts’…normcore as it affectionately called by trendsetters and fashionistas. The basis of the trend is that instead of keeping stride with the ever fast pace changes of the fashion industry. It has been become fashionable to... Read more