Bella Amore Hair, LLC
Nowadays a bundle of weave or hair extensions is about a couple of hundred dollars! You can’t just go to the super beauty supply store now. People have luxury hair extension businesses and charge an arm and a leg for a bundle of hair. A bundle can’t even cover... Read more
Vaseline Can Do That?!
Vaseline, the brand name for petroleum jelly, has been around for years. Despite that fact, people are able to find creative new uses for Vaseline every single day! Vaseline can be considered to be like a super beauty product. Some of its many uses are… Natural Mascara: Use Vaseline... Read more
When you see an expiration date you think of food you know milk, cheese, other assorted dairy products and food stuffs, but do you ever sit and think like, “Hmm I wonder when my makeup expires?” or “Let me check the date on this tune of mascara so I... Read more
5 lip balms so natural you can eat them! Can you say #Yumtastic?
We all love our lips! Whether your lips are full, thin, heart shaped or even pink, embrace your pout and blow me a big kiss. One thing I’ve learned as I aged is that those insecurities that society tease us about actually has the potential to be one of... Read more
Three Skin Care Tips For Men
And what about our genes? When it comes to men taking care of their skin and overall “male beauty” regiment, not all of us are as educated as others. Things such as taking a bath and not hydrating our skin afterwards or even not brushing our teeth before bed can... Read more
Pretty and Big Too!
“Are you plus-size or curvy?” One of the numerous questions the beautiful BriTTany Mo’Cha gets asked. BriTTany is a Jill of all trades and master of the turnaround! Some trades she’s taken up are as a model, photo director, blogger, journalist, and she didn’t stop there. There is so much... Read more
Get Summer-Time FINE with these easy tips!!
Even though the weather has been crappy here in Atlanta lately, do not let Mother Nature discourage your fitness goals. Remember, summer is around the corner and you do not want to be caught singing the same old tune you did last year. Right now is the perfect time... Read more
Awaken your skin with Aloe Vera!
Are you looking for soft, smooth and most essentially silky hair? Is your traditional methods of moisturing your skin old and morbid? Does you skin still require extra attention after you apply lotion? If you fit any of criteria above, wrap your body tightly with Aloe Vera. This cactus like plant... Read more
Eye For Design Hair
As women we love to change up our hair a lot. Hair is just about as important to us as the clothes we wear or the make up we put on! If we are having a bad hair day. We are just all around having a bad day! When... Read more