Elle Canada Showcases Black Women to show off Black Hairstyles
Elle Canada has done what needed to be done a long time ago! Their September issue shows black women wearing black cultural hairstyles and we are here for it! The story is called “Natural Anthem Beauty Shoot” it shows off six beautiful models (each rich in melanin) rocking braids,... Read more
KONTROLBEAUTY | Battle of the liquid matte lipsticks!
Lipstick comes in limitless shades, unique packages and varies prices. It’s more prominent than any other cosmetic product. Your lipstick shade can make or break your entire look! Since the 1990s, lipstick colors turned up a notch and introduced semi-mattes. Recently, matte liquid lipsticks have dominated the beauty world... Read more
Taraji P. Henson Partners with MAC for An Upcoming Collaboration
Come through, Taraji P. Henson!   Actress Taraji P. Henson is the latest celebrity to team up with MAC for something spectacular. A press release from MAC announcing the partnership beamed while explaining why Taraji P. Henson was the perfect choice for the venture: “Taraji P. Henson has won... Read more
Kerry Washington ‘Creative Ambassador’ for OPI
Written by. Chalise Macklin Fall represents the passing of one season to another. As the leaves begin to fall off trees and temperatures start to cool, change takes place ushering in a time of rebirth and growth. Children return to school and go off to college and women have... Read more
KONTROLBEAUTY | MELANIN MONDAY’S the beautiful Sahara Donavon
When discussing beauty what all comes to mind? Should our outer appearance reconcile with what america feels is beautiful? Better yet, should we be patronized or disgruntled if we don’t have the “perfect” appearance. What someone might think is perfect can exclude what imperfections we all may face. From... Read more
KONTROLBEAUTY | Six harsh ingredients natural’s should beware!
Are you aware of ingredients you put in your hair? Have you ever wondered why your hair is dry, brittle, or breaking? This could be a result to the ingredients in your regimen. Naturals can become product junkies. They love to used different products to explore what would work... Read more
Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water #1Cleansing Product Of The Year
Written by. Chalise Macklin  Most women and teen girls love a “beat face”, but it is important to make sure you skin is healthy underneath the makeup. Wearing makeup for hours can be taxing on the skin. Garnier now offers a product that was once hard to obtain to... Read more
KONTROLBEAUTY | TREND REPORT Metallic Lips & our favorite five!
It’s all about that glow! Prada’s spring 2016 collection introduced gold metal lip statements that transcended into to Fall! The metallic lips give your makeup a extra pop. When wearing this bold look, less is best, just let your lips do the talking! So revamp your makeup collection if... Read more
What really makes a person beautiful? Beauty is set to be in the eye of the beholder. For so long European features was the set standard for beauty. It was a hard for a woman of color to be embraced and appreciated for their natural hair, face and body... Read more