Bella Amore Hair, LLC
Nowadays a bundle of weave or hair extensions is about a couple of hundred dollars! You can’t just go to the super beauty supply store now. People have luxury hair extension businesses and charge an arm and a leg for a bundle of hair. A bundle can’t even cover... Read more
Eye For Design Hair
As women we love to change up our hair a lot. Hair is just about as important to us as the clothes we wear or the make up we put on! If we are having a bad hair day. We are just all around having a bad day! When... Read more
Trend Alert: Unnaturally Colored Hair
Spring has reintroduced the world to some great and even reoccurring trends this year! One of the many current trends that have been spotted most recently is: unnaturally colored hair! Unnaturally colored hair meaning hair with colors that can’t naturally be grown or found in human hair. Among many... Read more
The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Hair Tutorial
The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Hair Tutorial Have you ladies been looking for the perfect updo for those warm Spring days? Well look no more, with this tutorial you will be fabulously, chic!  “The knotted fishtail chignon is a lovely hairstyle for all you long-haired ladies,” explains Roxie Jane Hunt,... Read more
ATL Health and Beauty Expo
This past Saturday, April 11th, I had the pleasure of attending Unique Occasions by T. Nicole’s first ever Atlanta Health and Beauty Expo! Unique Occasions by T. Nicole is an event planning firm based here in Atlanta, GA, with CEO Tiffany Webb at the forefront.  The theme for the... Read more
5 Amazing beauty tricks you can use with coconut oil!!!
We always hear the term and see coconut oil and assume that this is a great product for your hair. This is not my dispute! Coconut oil is great for your hair whether its natural or relaxed. Are you aware that you can use coconut oil for other ways... Read more
How to achieve frizz free curls with 3 easy steps!
We live in a society where we are taught to embrace Eurocentric ideologies that strip us from our natural culture. With that being said, stand up and be proud of your curls! Whether its tight, big, wavy or just all over the place, your curls should be your pride... Read more
Do Beauty! (A D’Ori Beaute Product Review)
Who doesn’t love a good au natural product these days? They smell like Heaven, and are extremely healthy for you hair due to their pure quality. Am I right? D’Ori Beaute Products are the the products you’ve been waiting for! D’Ori products are known for their high grade simply... Read more
Coconut Oil Can Do That?!
Coconut oil is one of the most helpful oils out there. It can of course be used for cooking when you don’t to use grease or other oils, but it can also be used in many beauty hacks. Beauty hacks definitely need to be more well known amongst people.... Read more