For the past few years natural hair has been a trend. Even though there are girls and women who’ve been natural their entire lives, it’s taken the rest of the world a while to catch on. For those who don’t know natural hair care changes along with the seasons,... Read more
Rochelle Aytes dishes on the hit ABC show “Mistresses”, beauty and why she is so grateful to be in the industry.
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BET Awards Fashion: Fierce or Faux Pas
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Never Experience Another “Bad Hair” Day!
We all have our days right? Some are good and others are well… Not so good. Some are just downright bad! Bad days suck, but there is nothing like having a “bad hair” day. A “bad hair day” can ruin what could’ve been a really good day. Well say... Read more
Bella Amore Hair, LLC
Nowadays a bundle of weave or hair extensions is about a couple of hundred dollars! You can’t just go to the super beauty supply store now. People have luxury hair extension businesses and charge an arm and a leg for a bundle of hair. A bundle can’t even cover... Read more
Eye For Design Hair
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Trend Alert: Unnaturally Colored Hair
Spring has reintroduced the world to some great and even reoccurring trends this year! One of the many current trends that have been spotted most recently is: unnaturally colored hair! Unnaturally colored hair meaning hair with colors that can’t naturally be grown or found in human hair. Among many... Read more
The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Hair Tutorial
The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Hair Tutorial Have you ladies been looking for the perfect updo for those warm Spring days? Well look no more, with this tutorial you will be fabulously, chic!  “The knotted fishtail chignon is a lovely hairstyle for all you long-haired ladies,” explains Roxie Jane Hunt,... Read more