Healthy Curves: 6 Exercises that Help Build, Shape and Enhance Your Curves
Plus size model and body activist, Ashley Graham, often promotes that “healthy comes in all shapes and sizes”.  I totally agree with her and support the movement and encouragement of body positivity in the world.  Often times we get so caught up in the industry’s beauty standards and shenanigans... Read more
Jourdan Dunn is the new face of #ActuallySheCan’s new campaign
British model Jourdan Dunn is the new face of #ActuallySheCan’s new campaign. The women’s empowerment organized teamed up with Le Motto for a capsule collection of inspiration graphic tank tops. Each design has different girl-powered mantras like “Less hesitation, more meditation,” Less regret, more sweat,” and “Less drama, more... Read more
Confidently Advanced Her Style: Laura Govan [The Next 15]
 Check her out, “In real life.” Laura Govan, back to work like she never left! It’s so refreshing to witness growth. As a woman, and especially in her fashion sense. Lately, Miss Laura has been serving us with an impeccable taste of style. While styling, building, and branding all... Read more
Men’s Skin Care: 101 for Better Skin
This winter the weather has been more up and down than a rollercoaster at Six flags over Georgia, and if you’re like me you’ve had a little trouble trying to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from this warm, cold, dry and wet weather. Here are some affordable skincare... Read more
Flawless Beauty Starts With Food
Mom always said, “eat your veggies.”   We cried, threw tantrums and even found places to hide them, but it’s like they say,”mother knows best.”  Eating the right vegetables and other foods can do wonders for the hair and skin.   Benefits for the Skin: Walnuts If you are... Read more
Muscle Goddess: Women and Fitness
Staying fit in 2015 has been all the rage. However, many women are deemed too fit or muscular based off of personal opinion. Some say that if a woman has defined muscles, she is trying to look like a man. Women that make their bodies their business such as... Read more
Is Juicing Really Healthy?
Every couple of months it seems there is a news report about the newest and hottest fad diet, weight-loss tip or super food. Juicing is one of those weight-loss tips whose popularity has risen over the last couple years. Even I had for a time sworn that juicing was... Read more
Grilled Cheezus
Nothing is more comforting than the deliciousness that comes from the combination of cheese, bread and butter. I find that even on these hot summer days I cannot resist the desire for a nice gooey, cheesy concoction. However, being that it is summer I am also trying to watch... Read more
Summer Skin Care Tips
Your skin is your body’s covering and home. You must take care of it. Healthy skin leaves you looking radiant and youthful. So why not take care of it. You have to live in it. Summer is just as rough on your skin as winter is. Some tips for... Read more