Foodie Friday:  5 Vegan Tips To Help You Look & Feel Better
Today’s #FoodieFriday is all about being a little more GREEN! Kontrol partnered with 32-year-old restaurateur Nicole Marquis. to help provide information so that all our foodie readers can add a little veganism to their culinary life. Marquis is the founder of a vegan powerhouse concept- Hip City Veg -committed to making... Read more
Black Women & Depression, Tips to Recovery
There’s an honor in being described as a strong, black woman. Like the women in my family and the many I encounter on a daily basis, I take great pride and even sass when I declare that I’m a strong, independent black woman. However, I silently suffer with depression... Read more
FTC To Crackdown ON Paid Celebrity Ads; Says Some Ads Aren’t Clear Enough
Written by. Chalise Macklin Celebrities use their star power for many things including endorsing brands and products. You likely won’t scroll down your Instagram timeline without seeing celebrities promoting products such as: detox tea, hair vitamins, or alcohol. Photo from Porsha Williams Instagram DJ Khaled is constantly post about... Read more
Shannen Doherty’s Cancer Has Spread
We at Kontrol Magazine are sending an enormous amount of prayers up for one of our favorite Charmed ones, Shannen Doherty who’s cancer has spread. The former ‘Charmed’ actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in February last year and she has revealed it has now been detected in her... Read more
5 Gym Bag Essentials to Keep You Smelling and Looking Fresh
What’s up guys! I have some cool everyday products for those of you gym rats who’ve been living in the locker room this hot summer season. This summer has definitely been a hot one thus far, and if you’re like me a trip to the beach is definitely an... Read more
Healthy Curves: 6 Exercises that Help Build, Shape and Enhance Your Curves
Plus size model and body activist, Ashley Graham, often promotes that “healthy comes in all shapes and sizes”.  I totally agree with her and support the movement and encouragement of body positivity in the world.  Often times we get so caught up in the industry’s beauty standards and shenanigans... Read more
Jourdan Dunn is the new face of #ActuallySheCan’s new campaign
British model Jourdan Dunn is the new face of #ActuallySheCan’s new campaign. The women’s empowerment organized teamed up with Le Motto for a capsule collection of inspiration graphic tank tops. Each design has different girl-powered mantras like “Less hesitation, more meditation,” Less regret, more sweat,” and “Less drama, more... Read more
Confidently Advanced Her Style: Laura Govan [The Next 15]
 Check her out, “In real life.” Laura Govan, back to work like she never left! It’s so refreshing to witness growth. As a woman, and especially in her fashion sense. Lately, Miss Laura has been serving us with an impeccable taste of style. While styling, building, and branding all... Read more
Men’s Skin Care: 101 for Better Skin
This winter the weather has been more up and down than a rollercoaster at Six flags over Georgia, and if you’re like me you’ve had a little trouble trying to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from this warm, cold, dry and wet weather. Here are some affordable skincare... Read more