Who doesn’t want damage free, strong, manageabley soft hair? Many products claim to help one achieve such dream girl hair, but is it really attainable? Thanks to D’Ori Beaute products it can be attained! What is D’Ori Beaute you say? D’Ori Beaute was founded by Diana West with its headquarters... Read more
“Instantly Handsome!” 6 Things ANY GUY Can Do In Under An Hour for Better Looks!
Women have often held the monopoly only beauty secrets and enhancements to improve their appearances. The market is littered with thousands of anti-aging serums, eye creams, shampoos, and makeup just to give them that extra pretty “umph” while managing the woes of everyday life. It is no secret in... Read more
Kale & Romaine Salad with a Lemon-Dijon Vinaigrette
The new year is upon us, and with that comes  the infamous lists of New Year’s Resolutions.  9 times out of 10 losing weight, exercising, and eating more healthy are at the top of  everyone’s list. For a while we all manage to do well, but we soon get tired... Read more
Warwick Rowers Release Nude Calendar for 2015
Ladies (and some gentlemen), we have a special treat for you! Warwick Rowers is spicing up 2015! The Warwick Rowers are releasing their sixth-edition nude calendar for 2015. The guys are stripping down to fight homophobia. The calendars will be sold in support of Sports Allies which is an organization to... Read more
Vogue Repping for The Plus-Size Women!
The topic of body-size has been a very hot one in the fashion world lately. With the uproar about Calvin Klein’s new “plus size” model who isn’t even plus-size and Victoria’s Secret saying that only their models have the “perfect body”, it’s good to see the powerhouse media of... Read more
Nip and Tuck Without the Knife
Let’s face it! Lips,wrinkles,eyes,or eyebrows, each and everyone of us have a quirky characteristic we would prefer to alter in some fashion. However, our desires to undergo cosmetic surgery do wane a bit after we view  all of the negative press surrounding celebrity cosmetic surgery lately,( think Nikki Minaj,Renée... Read more
#Kontrolyourskin with Bananas!
There are many products we use daily to #kontrol blemishes, ache, and other skin impurities that can make our glow fade. Besides the obivious cleansing products to keep our skin in great shape, try eating more bananas! Even though bananas are full of potassium and other vitamins and minerals... Read more
Fun Fall DIY Skincare Recipes!
My favorite things about Fall are the yummy scents swirling the the air,the changing of the leaves,the seasonal goodies being harvested and the chance for intimate get-togethers with those I enjoy the most. However one of the changes Autumn brings that I am sure we can all do without... Read more
What All Parents Should Know
It is very important that parents know infant and child CPR. You could save your child’s life! I decided to take a CPR class over the weekend and to become certified to perform CPR. You can easily search online to sign up for CPR classes near you and the... Read more