Is Juicing Really Healthy?
Every couple of months it seems there is a news report about the newest and hottest fad diet, weight-loss tip or super food. Juicing is one of those weight-loss tips whose popularity has risen over the last couple years. Even I had for a time sworn that juicing was... Read more
Grilled Cheezus
Nothing is more comforting than the deliciousness that comes from the combination of cheese, bread and butter. I find that even on these hot summer days I cannot resist the desire for a nice gooey, cheesy concoction. However, being that it is summer I am also trying to watch... Read more
Summer Skin Care Tips
Your skin is your body’s covering and home. You must take care of it. Healthy skin leaves you looking radiant and youthful. So why not take care of it. You have to live in it. Summer is just as rough on your skin as winter is. Some tips for... Read more
Vaseline Can Do That?!
Vaseline, the brand name for petroleum jelly, has been around for years. Despite that fact, people are able to find creative new uses for Vaseline every single day! Vaseline can be considered to be like a super beauty product. Some of its many uses are… Natural Mascara: Use Vaseline... Read more
When you see an expiration date you think of food you know milk, cheese, other assorted dairy products and food stuffs, but do you ever sit and think like, “Hmm I wonder when my makeup expires?” or “Let me check the date on this tune of mascara so I... Read more
Pretty and Big Too!
“Are you plus-size or curvy?” One of the numerous questions the beautiful BriTTany Mo’Cha gets asked. BriTTany is a Jill of all trades and master of the turnaround! Some trades she’s taken up are as a model, photo director, blogger, journalist, and she didn’t stop there. There is so much... Read more
Get Summer-Time FINE with these easy tips!!
Even though the weather has been crappy here in Atlanta lately, do not let Mother Nature discourage your fitness goals. Remember, summer is around the corner and you do not want to be caught singing the same old tune you did last year. Right now is the perfect time... Read more
ATL Health and Beauty Expo
This past Saturday, April 11th, I had the pleasure of attending Unique Occasions by T. Nicole’s first ever Atlanta Health and Beauty Expo! Unique Occasions by T. Nicole is an event planning firm based here in Atlanta, GA, with CEO Tiffany Webb at the forefront.  The theme for the... Read more
Coconut Oil Can Do That?!
Coconut oil is one of the most helpful oils out there. It can of course be used for cooking when you don’t to use grease or other oils, but it can also be used in many beauty hacks. Beauty hacks definitely need to be more well known amongst people.... Read more