HUGO BOSS – The Scent! by: The Billion Brand
DON’T JUST LOOK LIKE A BOSS, BUT SMELL LIKE ONE!  This is just a quick throwback find, but timeless in nature and concept! A cologne that will have you smelling as good as you look! Always good to adopt new scents! This is definitely not just a smell but a... Read more
CULT: I Never Apply Enough Lipstick
I almost took the beauty away from the matte lipstick, Purple Affair by Ruby Kisses when I didn’t apply enough to my lips. Lesson of the day less isn’t more when it comes to lipstick. I purchased this beautiful lip color this past week from the beauty supply store... Read more
ABOUT FACE! Five New Grooming Products That You Must Have
We at Kontrol Homme are always super excited when the brands we love send us some of their new products to try out. From Fragrances, After Shaves, Lip Balms to Faces Washes, we receive it all! What makes our job even cooler, is discovering an amazing new product and... Read more
Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
If your like me sometimes yogurt so busy and can’t keep up with everything that you have to do… Did you almost forget to get something for your mom before Mother’s Day? Well fear not! You still have time to get her a gift and not let her know... Read more
Another Gift Guide for Mother’s Day
The one day that you should never forget is Mother’s Day and I hope you didn’t forget this year because it’s right around the corner. Still didn’t get a gift for the special mother’s in your life? Don’t worry we made another Mother’s Day gift guide for the last... Read more
CULT:Beauty Concierge and Modish Polish
I finally got a chance to get my nails done and let me just say they were screaming for attention. One of my favorite fashion bloggers in Atlanta, TheChloeBrand told me about this nail salon that she went to and her nails always look good so I had to... Read more
It’s All In The Kitchen! Household Products for Clear Skin!
Written By: Kwame Waters Let’s face it, if you’re like me, then I know that you don’t want or have the time to research the prefect products for perfect skin. Hell! You’re a man, and what man really has time for that? Well you’re in luck, because this man... Read more
A Gift Guide for Mother’s Day
For that special lady in your life who held your hand to cross the street, made your boo-boo’s feel better with a kiss, and always made you a big birthday breakfast; I’m definitely talking about your mother! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your mom look no further... Read more
Kontrol Beauty: Leaders Of The Pack…Our Beauty Round Up
Beauty trendsetters are always on the move looking for whats hot and pooping in the world of beauty. And of course every girl needs those beauty essentials that’s going to give her that amazing glow, well our editors and writers have been gushing in the office over these must... Read more