Seacrest for Skin Care
When someone mentions Ryan Seacrest, your mind automatically goes to the countless episodes of American Idol that seem to go on year after year. While that show has finally come to and end, Ryan Seacrest is spicing up his career by adding skin care to one of his many... Read more
Reuse Your Halloween Makeup
While removing halloween decor from your home and making room for turkey and dressing for dessert, if you’re a makeup feine, you are probably trying to figure out your holiday look for the upcoming festivities and holiday parties. Before you clean out your makeup bag from all the halloween... Read more
Kontrol Beauty: Beauty Amazon MUA, Marsha Saintil, Spills the Tea on Beauty and Monica
As the Code Red Experience kicks off starring Monica, you can bet your bottom dollar, in tow will be her most coveted essential, make-up artist Marsha Saintil. The process in picking out the right MUA is crucial. Saintil, A.K.A. The Beauty Amazon, luckily is a seasoned slayer. With over... Read more
Kontrol Homme Report: You’ll Never Be Smoother! Check Out The Van Der Hagen Shave Set!
Guys, let’s face it. Shaving can be a real pain in the a–! The stubble, the figuring out how your hair grows, lathering, etc. It can all be a big much. Most people think the key to a great shave all lies with the razor. Most people would be... Read more
Pucker Up with Jell-O Lipstick!
Our favorite desert, Jell-O, has evolved from a tasty after-dinner treat.  The K-beauty line Chosungah 22, seems to be inspired by the 90’s, as it has recently launched a Jell-O lipstick that have beauty and taste bud benefits. Flavors include: Vanilla Berry, Sugar Lime, Jello Orange, and Golden Peach Tea– Yummy!... Read more
Style Crush: Jessica Pettway
Natural hair guru and fashionista blogger Jessica Pettway has a way of making us want every look she pulls off. From her hand made wigs to her flashy footwear, Jessica has the “it,’ factor that have girls wondering where she got her wardrobe. She’s our style crush for three main... Read more
Unbeweavable Technology With 3D Print
Hair extensions are probably one of the most common beauty enhancers on the market. No matter what color, length or texture of the locs– to get quality bundles, a nice chunk of change must be spent. The 3D printer has been receiving a lot of attention not only for the... Read more
Face the Future: K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer
As time moves forward, we are obsessed with trying to make tasks simple, fast and readily available. The K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer is showing us the future of Facials by doing just that! So what is it? Exactly what it sounds like– a juicer that produces a facial mask without... Read more
Taboos to Avoid for Clear Skin
Most skin care guidelines are quick to tell us what to do to achieve clear and beautiful radiant skin. We might follow them to the down the smallest detail and still end up with acne or the reminder of a dark scar that just won’t go away.  While there... Read more