Angela Bassett and Dr. Barbara Sturm Launch Darker Skin Tones Skincare Line
Come through melanin-filled glows! Veteran actress Angela Bassett has teamed up with Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch an entire skincare line dedicated to melanin enriched skin tones. Angela originally met Dr. Sturm through a mutual friend a few years ago and they discussed her experiences with breakouts and inflammation. After finding success with Dr.... Read more
The Road to Colour U Cosmetics!
On the weekends, I like to choose one day and get my nails done, go to the hairdresser, shop for clothes, or buy makeup. My weekend mantra is to choose one day out of the weekend to pamper myself. I greatly enjoy embarking on my “pampering escapades” and my... Read more
Whether your hot weather agenda calls for lounging by the water or clocking in at work, here’s a few must haves to make your most perfect summer ever   Elite Collection Mirror Finish-3 Brush Set The Artis® Elite Smoke 3 Brush set was curated to offer those new to... Read more
Feature Spotlight: Sheena Marie
Sheena Marie grew up in Park Forest, IL. In a family where entrepreneurship had not yet been achieved, Sheena Marie Found herself praying to God, asking that she be allowed to run a business for him that she would be passionate about and could use to make a difference.... Read more
Alicia Keys faces insecurities and goes bare face
Just a few days ago, Swizz Beatz posted a picture on Instagram of his wife, Alicia Keys, serving classic girl next door beauty with a makeup-free photo from her Vanity Fair photo shoot. Keys bares freckles, bushy eye brows, and brown curly locks in the picture. “You look 19 without... Read more
Chew Yourself Beautiful: How Gum Can Aid Both Health and Beauty
When you pop a piece of chewing gum into your mouth, you may not actually realize that doing so can help to keep your body in good health and maintain and even improve your appearance. Whilst many people chew gum in order to freshen their breath or to make... Read more
Three Things You Need to Know When Opening a Salon
If you are thinking of starting your own business, the hair and beauty industry is one of the best ones to get into today. Even in a bad economy, people everywhere still need the services of a hairdresser and/or beauty therapist in order to make sure that they are... Read more
HUGO BOSS – The Scent! by: The Billion Brand
DON’T JUST LOOK LIKE A BOSS, BUT SMELL LIKE ONE!  This is just a quick throwback find, but timeless in nature and concept! A cologne that will have you smelling as good as you look! Always good to adopt new scents! This is definitely not just a smell but a... Read more
CULT: I Never Apply Enough Lipstick
I almost took the beauty away from the matte lipstick, Purple Affair by Ruby Kisses when I didn’t apply enough to my lips. Lesson of the day less isn’t more when it comes to lipstick. I purchased this beautiful lip color this past week from the beauty supply store... Read more