Who doesn’t want damage free, strong, manageabley soft hair? Many products claim to help one achieve such dream girl hair, but is it really attainable? Thanks to D’Ori Beaute products it can be attained! What is D’Ori Beaute you say? D’Ori Beaute was founded by Diana West with its headquarters... Read more
You know how some women’s hair just looks so shiny and luxurious? Well, I’m not one of those women unfortunately. I have naturally just dry hair so like some women I have to go the extra mile to keep my hair moisturized. I tend to get a little lazy... Read more
Do you ever get tired of your natural hair? Bored with the same old Fro? Can’t take another wash and go? I bet you’re busy and don’t necessarily feel like taking too much time on your hair. Am I right? I know because I’m the same way. Natural hair... Read more
It’s that time of week again! Style Spy time! Ever walk past someone in the streets and think to yourself how much you like what they have on! Style Spy is exactly that! Capturing that instance in which paths are crossed and you scope out a person or people... Read more
Well hello there beautiful people! It’s time to get a little hashtag crazy, but since you are always on Instagram anyway this task will be a piece of cake for you! Not only is it easy to do, it is also beneficial! Whether you are a makeup artist, actress,... Read more
This past Friday, March 20th, I had the pleasure of attending Colour U Cosmetics’ event, The Art Of Colour U, at Blue Mark Studios! I had the most amazing time! Upon entry you checked in and set foot into a lively atmosphere set by live disc jockey DJ GorJess!... Read more
Make up seems to have so many rules and regulations. With many ways to apply and enhance, how do you truly find what really works for you? In my experience everything that looks good on this person or the next person doesn’t necessarily look the same way on me.... Read more
As the weather warms up it gets more and more difficult to keep both natural and relaxed hair perfectly straightened. Sometimes we as women get bored with our every day look and need to change it up. Whether you braid it up, weave it up, whatever. Protective styling is... Read more
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