90’s Beauty Trends: How-to for 2015
Personally, I think that the 90’s was one of the best decades you had Nirvana, Boyz 2 Men, Space Jams and flannel shirts. I mean what more could you ask for in decade with great music, iconic movies and comfy fashions? I suppose if I have to be critical... Read more
Rochelle Aytes dishes on the hit ABC show “Mistresses”, beauty and why she is so grateful to be in the industry.
No matter what your career goals are in life remember there is one major factor that can make the decision between success and failure. This factor has the potential to make or break one’s long term and or short term aspirations. Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Rochelle... Read more
Summer can bring oil and sweat production, skin problems that seem to increase right along with the temperature. That’s why we have a list of some beauty DIYs that can keep you looking your best all summer long and the best part is that they’re inexpensive and all-natural. 1. Smooth, sexy... Read more
7 Highlighters That Bring Your Skin Back to Life
We’re not all blessed with glowing skin. Plus, that’s what highlighters are for those days when you have to fake a full night’s sleep or your skin is just being blah grab one of these complexion saviors and highlight to instant perfection. 1.  YSL Touché Éclat is eight hours... Read more
The 5 Minute Face
If you’re a mother or maybe not a mom maybe you’re just a really busy woman altogether you might not have much time to get ready in the morning. I feel it’s really important to do my hair and makeup and just be ready to face the day. Even... Read more
BET Awards Fashion: Fierce or Faux Pas
The BET Awards last night was quite a sight. Some stars shined bright while others were a sight for sore eyes. There were many trend spot it last night! There were many trends spotted last night. There were also many things that never needed to be seen again.  From... Read more
3 Brow Tricks You Need To Know
You know like I know the bold brow trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon! So instead of trying another trend that hasn’t yet come about how about just expanding on what is already there. Embrace you brows! Do more than just brush them. Be open to the possibilities... Read more
Edited: Lips Style
Have a problem with the way your lips look? Want to slightly alter them without going the Kylie Jenner route? You can try some different tips and tricks that will help “edit” the way your lips look without the cosmetic surgery or sucking your lips into a glass! Depending... Read more
SHHHHH!!!! Here are some secrets for going make-up free this summer!!
One thing I love about the summer time is BBQ’s with great friends/family and most essentially jumping into a cool pool! If you are wearing makeup, jumping into any body of water besides the shower will cause it to bleed off. Instead of making sure your mascara is water... Read more