“Kristin’s Kravings”: Holiday Lipsticks
I’m all about a sexy lip. The bolder the better! When it comes to my makeup, I prefer for my lipstick to be the main focus of my look. I love the holidays and they are just around the corner, so this is the perfect time to share my... Read more
Kontrol Beauty: Beauty Amazon MUA, Marsha Saintil, Spills the Tea on Beauty and Monica
As the Code Red Experience kicks off starring Monica, you can bet your bottom dollar, in tow will be her most coveted essential, make-up artist Marsha Saintil. The process in picking out the right MUA is crucial. Saintil, A.K.A. The Beauty Amazon, luckily is a seasoned slayer. With over... Read more
Rihanna Launches a New Styling and Beauty Agency
Just because Rihanna‘s latest album hasn’t dropped as of yet doesn’t mean she’s sitting at home twiddling her thumbs; the pop star is definitely putting in work to maintain her multiple streams of income. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rihanna has quietly launched two new agencies — one for... Read more
Face the Future: K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer
As time moves forward, we are obsessed with trying to make tasks simple, fast and readily available. The K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer is showing us the future of Facials by doing just that! So what is it? Exactly what it sounds like– a juicer that produces a facial mask without... Read more
Taboos to Avoid for Clear Skin
Most skin care guidelines are quick to tell us what to do to achieve clear and beautiful radiant skin. We might follow them to the down the smallest detail and still end up with acne or the reminder of a dark scar that just won’t go away.  While there... Read more
Ariana Grande is the Newest face of Mac Cosmetics’ Viva La Glam
Ariana Grande is the newest face of MAC Cosmetics’ Viva La Glam.  The 22-year old is following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga by having her face and name attached to the popular cosmetics brand.  Ariana’s collection will include colors on both ends of the... Read more
Get Flawless Skin Like Celebrities
Flawless skin is something everyone desires. Some make home remedies, while others make excessive beauty hauls trying to find the right product for their skin.  So how is it that celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Rhianna, and Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima have great, amazing skin while others are in search of it?  ... Read more
Lip Seduction: Fall Lip Colors Men Love
Every year around this time, I see women of many different shades gravitate towards one lip color, Berry. This has been a staple fall color for many years now. Berry tends to go with every outfit, every mood and/or occasion. The color lends a bit of extra confidence upon... Read more
Spotlight: 9 Make-up Artist to Watch this Fall
How many people can say they honestly know how to apply make-up correctly? There are many tricks to the trade and what most people don’t realize is that all makeup trends are NOT for everyone. Everyone’s face is different. Learning how to administer the correct amount of blush, matching your... Read more