Summer 2015 Skin Care: Too Soon?
Now only April, it seems like Spring just got here. However, summer is fast approaching. So is it too soon to think of tips for the summer? Absolutely not! It’s always best to be prepared anyways right? This coming Summer 2015 is going to be scorcher and you’ll need... Read more
ATL Health and Beauty Expo
This past Saturday, April 11th, I had the pleasure of attending Unique Occasions by T. Nicole’s first ever Atlanta Health and Beauty Expo! Unique Occasions by T. Nicole is an event planning firm based here in Atlanta, GA, with CEO Tiffany Webb at the forefront.  The theme for the... Read more
Do Beauty! (A D’Ori Beaute Product Review)
Who doesn’t love a good au natural product these days? They smell like Heaven, and are extremely healthy for you hair due to their pure quality. Am I right? D’Ori Beaute Products are the the products you’ve been waiting for! D’Ori products are known for their high grade simply... Read more
Coconut Oil Can Do That?!
Coconut oil is one of the most helpful oils out there. It can of course be used for cooking when you don’t to use grease or other oils, but it can also be used in many beauty hacks. Beauty hacks definitely need to be more well known amongst people.... Read more
Be Bold Be Beautiful
Beauty nowadays is bold. It stands out and doesn’t hold back. Beauty is no longer that soft and understand conception. Women want everything bold and out there! Contours, eyebrows, and most of all lips. It’s pretty safe to say that the era of skinny lips is completely over or... Read more
D’Ori Beaute
Who doesn’t want damage free, strong, manageabley soft hair? Many products claim to help one achieve such dream girl hair, but is it really attainable? Thanks to D’Ori Beaute products it can be attained! What is D’Ori Beaute you say? D’Ori Beaute was founded by Diana West with its headquarters... Read more
Model Drew McCreary Keeps The ‘Hustle’ Mentality Of A New Yorker
When you think of the name Drew Vision, you think of one great stage moniker that encompasses his talents – modeling, singing, and more. But what about the guy underneath that alias? What about all-around New York native Drew McCreary? McCreary sat down for a small interview that transitioned... Read more
Colour U Cosmetics: The Art of Colour U
This past Friday, March 20th, I had the pleasure of attending Colour U Cosmetics’ event, The Art Of Colour U, at Blue Mark Studios! I had the most amazing time! Upon entry you checked in and set foot into a lively atmosphere set by live disc jockey DJ GorJess!... Read more
Make up seems to have so many rules and regulations. With many ways to apply and enhance, how do you truly find what really works for you? In my experience everything that looks good on this person or the next person doesn’t necessarily look the same way on me.... Read more