The Celebrity DJ of Your Dreams–You’re Gonna Love Josh Acoff!
Whoever said fame favors the fortunate has never traveled to the great state of Alabama, or known what it means to come from nothing to be a great something. If that is the case, then you also know they never met the amazingly talented DJ Josh Acoff. Yep, DJ... Read more
Elise Neal Opens Up About Hollywood Diva’s & Her Love Life
Black Hollywood Today You may remember Elise Neal playing the role of Yvonne Hughley, the wife of comedian D.L. Hughley, in the ABC/UPN sitcom “The Hughleys”, but she is talented actress who is multifaceted and states that “the Hughleys was the first ‘Blackish’ meaning that it was the first sitcom... Read more
Kontrol Beauty: WE Tv’s “L.A. Hair” Stylist Terry Hunt  Gives Step-by-Step on How To Achieve Janet Jackson’s Fabulous Tour Hair
The star of WeTv’s LA Hair, Terry Hunt recently took part in the Janet Jackson Unbreakable tour and gave us the scoop on how to get Janet’s Fabulous hair. Check out below what Terry had to say. Did Janet change her hairstyle in the show? No How would you... Read more
Unapologetic and Authentic: Meet Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Ariane Davis
Unapologetic and authentic would be accurate adjectives to use when describing Ariane Davis, cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. With a couple of seasons under her belt, Ariane has certainly created her own voice and lane on the show. As season 4 of Love & Hip Hop is... Read more
Lyte Work For a Legend: Kontrol Konversations with MC Lyte
When it comes to pioneers of hip hop – there are certain names you’re bound to hear; Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, Common… But what about the ladies? In 1988 one female MC kicked the door of hip hop in an said I have arrived! MC Lyte, born... Read more
Pop Star Princess & Progeny of A Politician; Get to Know AJae!
Where has the music gone? This seems to be a question anyone with taste is asking nowadays. Gone are the days of authentic, quality, and original music that we all loved and enjoyed. Everything seems so pre-packaged and cookie cutter. Aren’t you tired of the Usher clones, boy band... Read more
Noon by Noor A Sporty And Chic Collection For NYFW
For spring 2016, Noon by Noor explores a more relaxed silhouette mixed with oversized proportions and modern fabrics, creating a sporty aesthetic. The collection featured a drenched palette of pale aqua, and electric blues against a dreamy lavender and peach. What’s really loved about this collection was the mixture of being... Read more
Son Jung Wan: The Gentle Beauty Of Nature During NYFW
When coming to Fashion Week  every year I always look forward to seeing what Son Jung Wan has in store for us, and she never disappoints me. Son Jung Wan spring/summer 2016 collection was not only breathtakingly beautifully  but it was the epitome of chic sophistication. The color pallet was... Read more
The Frankie B Collection For NYFW
Trendy, edgy, chic yet sophisticated is how I would describe The Frankie B Collection. The design team consists of Lukus Eichmann, and Annabelle Lee. Together they have elevated the trendy denim look to an edgy rock filled world. The collection consisted of embossed leather, painters denim, lace, suede and of... Read more