Kontrol Exclusive: Vanessa Simmons steps back into the spotlight with a mission to shape the world
Vanessa Simmons is poised. She has a beauty so delicate that it exudes her natural speaking voice. The girl has been working in this business for years. She and her sister, Angela, did something not seen so easily in the African American community. If you really stop to think... Read more
What Motivates Genneya Walton
                                                                     The crowd is screaming, the lights are flashing, your outfit is fleeked out and the tensions rise. Your heart is beating so hard you can hear it clearly above the thunderous roar of the crowd. You close your eyes and take in the moment because nobody else will... Read more
Thoughts Of A Curvy Fashionista: Up Close & Personal with Marie Denee
While we may live in a world where many people are dreaming about their ideal job and/or business, and having visions that seem too impossible to turn into a vivid reality. There’s a social media tycoon who resides in Atlanta by the name of Marie Denee, better known as... Read more
[EXCLUSIVE]: Timon Kyle Durrett Talks New Show ‘Queen Sugar’ Created by Oprah Winfrey and Ava Duvernay
By: Daniela Posso Timon Kyle Durrett is an actor from the Southside of Chicago who will play the role of ‘Davis West’ in OWN‘s new series ‘Queen Sugar’, based off of the same-titled novel by Natalie Baszile. ‘The contemporary drama Queen Sugar, set in the fictional town of Saint Josephine, Louisiana,... Read more
Kontrol Exclusive: Alano Miller Peels Back The Layers of Cato, What’s Next in Season 2 of “Underground,” & His Role in “Loving!”
Alano Miller is known for his role as Cato, the scarred face driver in the critically acclaimed WGN series, Undergroud. However, he had quite the prestigious reputation prior to getting into show business. Born to the parents of an architect and a teacher, education was celebrated and hard work... Read more
[EXCLUSIVE]: Hollywood Divas Featured in Kontrol Magazine’s ‘Love My Body’ Issue – Part One
  The TV One hit series ‘Hollywood Divas’ is a bit different than what we are used to getting from reality television; we’re used to seeing celebrities and socialites enjoying the limelight and giving us a bird’s eye view of the lavish life but Hollywood Divas brings a brand new and original flair to... Read more
Imagine being in like with a guy that you’re sure the world revolves around. He’s handsome, he’s built, he’s smart, he’s funny, and he may even be your best friend. However, there’s only one thing standing in the way of your happily ever after together, he notices you about... Read more
Meet OWN’S Newest “First Lady” Lynn Whitfield
It is truly hard to believe it has been almost thirty years since I first laid eyes on Lynn Whitfield. I was a second grader strolling through our revered “Encyclopedia Britannica,” trying to decide what famous African-American I would be doing my Black History project on. Then, there came... Read more
The Woman With a Plan: Kontrol Konversations with Stacy Rose
Conquering several hats at once and expanding your brand isn’t easy. However, being well versed and educated can help lead you right into the arms of success. HBO’s “Ballers” star Stacy Rose is more than your average television actress. Rose acknowledges the benefits of having an education, training in... Read more