Calling All Artists…Kontrol Presents Fashion Jams: Beauty and The Beat
Kontrol proudly presents “Fashion Jams: Beauty and The Beat” Kontrol is bringing together fashion and music, highlighting the best acts and designers that Atlanta has seen. 10 unique designers + 10 live performers will grace the stage for a glamorous evening that you soon won’t forget with original designs... Read more
Alexis Ayanna Blossoms On The Scene
When one looks at the bud of a flower and observes the tender size of the creature, a twinge of an agonizing sense of protection comes over them for just a second. One wonders about the potential of that little bud. How will it bloom? Will it know to... Read more
Sevyn Streeter Prepares To Release Debut Album
Written by. Chalise Macklin  Sevyn Streeter hit the scene as a fourth of not one, but two, girl groups (TG4, RichGirl). Both groups got off to good starts with notable tracks and tour dates with established acts, but never rose to prominence. Streeter did not let that stop her. She... Read more
Kasual Konversation with LHHH star Shanda Denyce:  MARRIAGE, LIES & MUSIC!
Every Monday night on VH1, you are graced by a cast of several industry individuals. A depiction of their life on national television for millions to see. We get the raw reality of their personal lives and many determine opinions about what they see in a small edited 60... Read more
“Power’s” Joseph Sikora Cover Kontrol Homme: The Man Behind Tommy Egan!
Many know him as Tommy Egan, the hot tempered, impulsive, New York, street raised, white drug trafficker who’s the right hand man to James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in Starz hit series, Power. Running on his third season now, Joseph Sikora has portrayed Egan so seamlessly that it’s... Read more
[EXCLUSIVE]: Meet Talitha Bateman!
Talitha Bateman is a 14-year-old actress born in the small town of Turlock, California. Although she has a total of nine other siblings, it was her older sister Leah who inspired her acting aspirations. Talitha and her family currently live in Los Angeles, where she has been hard at work pursuing her... Read more
Maria Quezada : The Girl to Look Out For!
  On-screen and off, Maria Quezada inspires young girls all over the world. Charming, sweet, funny, and headstrong, the teen has managed to give her audience the feeling of knowing her for a lifetime.

Quezada was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. After moving to Florida with her... Read more
A Must Read! REASN Is Becoming The Artist To Watch & On His Own Terms!
It may sound cliché, but rising singer, REASN, plans to be the voice of reason through music for a new generation. “It just came (name) to me. I have been through a lot and I realize everything happens for a reason,” said the singer. REASN experiences not only influenced... Read more
Kontrol Exclusive: Vanessa Simmons steps back into the spotlight with a mission to shape the world
Vanessa Simmons is poised. She has a beauty so delicate that it exudes her natural speaking voice. The girl has been working in this business for years. She and her sister, Angela, did something not seen so easily in the African American community. If you really stop to think... Read more