Angela Simmons Takes Us Inside Her Kontrol Magazine Cover shoot
By now you have all seen our latest cover shoot featuring the lovely and talented Angela Simmons. Well, today were taking you a little closer into Angela’s shoot.  The Women Of Style issue is a very special issue for us here at Kontrol. Why you ask… Well this issue... Read more
Kontrol Homme: Meet Hollywoods Next Leading Man Tye White
From ABC’s Family Series “Pretty Little Liars” to VH1’s “Mixology” to landing an unforgettable lead role in “Drumline 2: A New Beat”, then on to several other key roles in different films, Actor Tye White continues to gracefully execute each role he plays in a manner that speaks volumes... Read more
Still Standing: Chrystale Wilson, From The Player’s Club to Pushing Forward
When you think of the word vixen, names and visuals of women like Melyssa Ford and KD Aubert immediately come to mind but before any of these women dominated rap and hip hop music videos of the 2000s, there was an OG bad girl on the scene whom we... Read more
Kontrol Homme: The Multidimensional Actor Keith Robinson
No stranger to the entertainment scene and one who has experientially worked in music, television and film/music production for many years, Actor/Signer & Songwriter Keith Robinson keeps blazing the industry with his fresh, soulful sounds and talent. With a new single released entitled “Love Somebody” from his upcoming album debut “Love... Read more
Tanisha Thomas Cover Kontrol & Dishes on New Ventures, Old Rumors, & Being “F.A.T.!”
Some say love is the most powerful force in the universe. Honestly, they are right! In the name of love, and all its different forms; all there ever was, and all there ever will be, flow with universal harmony.  Perhaps the most powerful aspect of love is its ability... Read more
Kontrol Exclusive: Dance Hall Artist Alkaline
Dancehall originated in the late 70’s giving birth to a whole new era of music. With the fast pace rhythms incorporating digital sound with an infusion of hip-hop, dancehall is an urban and contemporary take on the classic reggae sounds that’s taken off in the lands of Jamaica and... Read more
TV Magic! Kontrol TV Goes Behind The Scenes of BET’s Zoe Ever After!
When it comes to Brandy and television, the two are a match made in Heaven! Ms. Norwood shows off her acting chops in BET’s new hit series Zoe Ever After. Here, she stars as “Zoe Moon,” a recent divorcee who has started her own cosmetics company. Zoe, now a single mother,... Read more
Actress/Comedian Cocoa Brown Puts Fashion To Figure
Actress Cocoa Brown is switching it up for the world and we’ve got the first look at her hot new figure and the scope on all things fashion for Cocoa Brown . We recently had the pleasure of doing a beautiful fashion shoot with Cocoa and interview regarding her intro... Read more
Kontrol Homme Hits The Floor With Rob Riley
“Tall, dark, and handsome” is what the world has traditionally demanded in its most basic leading men.  Lately, however that just does not seem to be enough.  A leading man has to also be dashing, captivating, and inspiring—a real “man’s man.” Few fit these new demands, and even fewer... Read more