Kontrol Exclusive: The Shivonne J Experience
By: Mark Pollard Shivonne J is not only an award winning hair stylist to the stars or a fashion guru diva on her many social media platforms from Instagram to her blogs, She is a hair mogul on the rise with the development of her very own brand “The... Read more
Barbershop 3: The Next Cut rising teen star D’iallo Thompson Dishes on the Film, Learning From Ice Cube and More
 He’s only 16 years old, but D’iallo Thompson’s acting career spans 11 years, and he’s finally landed the role of a lifetime alongside heavy hitters such as Ice Cube, Common and Nicki Minaj, portraying an unsure kid facing insurmountable obstacles in Barbershop: The Next Cut. It’s hard to imagine... Read more
Kontrol Homme Introduces Saints and Sinners Julian Walker
Can you imagine one day just being a normal college student walking to class, going to study sessions and chilling with friends, to the next day on a whim after submitting an online audition tape and landing the main character spot in an independent feature film alongside an Academy... Read more
Cody Jay Wows With Release of Debut Album ‘Off The Vine’
Let’s be honest, at first glance, singer, songwriter and producer Cody Jay appears to be yet another white boy trying to impersonate a soulful urban artist, but lucky for all of us, this boy has real skills. His life-long journey of music has position him to create some of... Read more
Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist Lavette Slater talks Pushing the Boundaries of Beauty and Hair
You may know her as the 3x Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist. While that is a known fact, Lavette Slater conveys this vivid quality through her skilled eye and hands with each and every client. With over 15 years as a celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert; Lavette Slater is known... Read more
A Doer and A Dreamer: Stephen Rider
“If you put in the work, you will ultimately be rewarded for it.” That is the belief that Stephen Rider of the Netflix series Marvels’ “Daredevil” has grown up with and today he is a living testimony of that belief. Stephen was raised in a household where belief in... Read more
Lady of Laughter & Love: Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish is so much more than a comedic actress. She has layers that when pulled back and placed on display, you wouldn’t even believe your eyes. Tiffany’s life growing was the perfect script for a Lifetime original movie. Initially, Tiffany Haddish’s mother was a successful woman who did... Read more
Kontrol Konversations with Michael Rainey Jr.
  A star is defined not by a person’s level of celebrity or their willingness to catapult them into the hottest A-List parties. A real star is someone who can emerge themselves in a role so well we think they’re taking bits and pieces from their own life and... Read more
Courts in Session! And Vivian King is Taking the Lead!
Picture a mix between the First 48 and a reality show. New upcoming WE tv show, Sisters in Law, will be giving you just that—all in one. This new series debuting on March 24th will document the life of six leading women’s journey through the law system, all working... Read more