Eyes on the Prize – Jazmyn Simon
Many people have this preconceived idea of what happiness is or entails for them but how many of them really go out to find their true happiness? That thing that beyond a shadow of a doubt makes them happy whether they get paid for it or not, whether anyone... Read more
Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Magic Mike XXL and Women Controlling their Sexuality
Jada Pinkett Smith is queen of the of the castle in Magic Mike XXL, Shes strong, passionate and in full Kontrol of all the men in her castle so to speak. Jada Pinkett Smith stars as Channing Tatum‘s old friend and former flame in what is sure to be... Read more
Meet Georgia Peach Fashion Week Creators: Kenyon and Desiree
Look out Atlanta, Kenyon and Desiree are currently leaving a big impact on Atlanta’s fashion world! What they are currently executing is going to step up the game for the City of Atlanta. The L.A and Paris standards are being raised even higher and through this dynamic duo, Atlanta... Read more
Designer Spotlight: Sabrina Heim
Madame Sabrina Heim is a woman with a keen eye for fashion and has impeccable taste. Her fashion house is called, House of Heim. Feast your eyes on her must-have items and add this designer to your list of fashion trendsetters.   1. How did you get started with... Read more
Designer Spotlight: Erica Allure
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Designer Spotlight: Jason Peters
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Designer Spotlight: Dee Hayes
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Designer Spotlight: Jenee Dionne
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“The World Is Yours”| Stadium ATL
  “The World Is Yours.” This quote was famously said by many artists including Nas in his first album Illmatic. This quote has been a motto for many people, but especially Akeem and Shaka Agard. Cousins Akeem and Shaka Agard are the fresh faces of an empire, coming to... Read more