Foodie Friday: National Ice Cream Day Deals
If you’re a foodie like myself, you more than likely have a sweet tooth. And what better time to indulge in sweetie goodness than this Sunday, July 17th, for National Ice Cream Day! We all scream for ice cream no matter the age. So below are 10 places where... Read more
Gladys Knight’s Son Accused of Tax Evasion; Knight’s Chicken & Waffles Closed in Result
Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles was raided on Tuesday after Georgia’s Department of Revenue accused Knight’s son, Shanga Hankerson of tax evasion and theft. According to a news release made by the agency, Hankerson, the owner of the three Atlanta-area restaurants, “is accused of stealing over $650,000″ in sales... Read more
Oh Really? McDonald’s Is Giving Out a Golden Chicken McNugget!
Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all, something comes along and makes you yell, “Wow!” Well now the wow factor comes from fast food giant, McDonald’s, as they have announced they are giving away a golden chicken McNugget! The nugget is real gold, eighteen karats,... Read more
From Single Father to Fame 2Chainz’s Chef Aleem Talks Visual Cookbook
Initially inspired by single fatherhood to provide a processed-free diet to his children, Chef Aleem has taken culinary arts to new heights. Greatly recognized by the public for his unconventional release of his “Meal Time” cookbook included in 2 Chainz’s BOATS II album, Chef Aleem has since seasoned something... Read more
With Thanksgiving just days away I thought I would whip up this new recipe. I wanted to make pumpkin pie but I wanted to make it with a twist! I started with using a pecan crust instead of the plain old crust. You could add whatever nuts you really... Read more
Pumpkin Fluff Recipe

Pumpkin Fluff Recipe

Food October 27, 2015 0

  Just recently I was over at a friends house and she had made this pumpkin dessert. I could believe I hadn’t thought of this! Ive had so many difference types of this but not PUMPKIN!  Being a lover of most things pumpkin I couldn’t wait and had to... Read more
Fall Spice and Aphrodisiac Inspired Dishes
As the colder months approach, people generally race home after work. Happy hours occur once in a blue, meeting up with friends is on a strict “I desperately miss you” basis, and meeting up with family is reserved for holidays. The one person you chose to spend your time... Read more
Oreo Balls Recipe

Oreo Balls Recipe

Food October 23, 2015 0

    With Halloween just around the corner, this is a great treat to make and show off to your friends that you didn’t run to the store to buy something! You can even let little one’s get involved with your help, that’s how easy this really is. This... Read more
Kristin’s Kravings: Ray’s in The City!
I am always happy when I’m able to try out a new restaurant. And this time it was a nice lunch date with my sister, Crystal, at Ray’s in the City. A place that I pass quite often when I’m downtown Atlanta. I’ve wanted to eat here for years... Read more