ICandy: Llauryn Hendrix
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @IAmLlauryn Who’s this week’s ICandy? She’s not just a pretty face; she’s a happy free spirited, bubbly woman that likes to have fun with her work resembling her life. As Llauryn spelled it out, she’s a people lover and an open book.  She’s more that meets the eye.... Read more
iCandy: Blake Carwile
This week’s iCandy is model and total fitness buff Blake Carwile. I had the pleasure of talking with the Blake who could easily body double for Shemar Moore or Boris Kodjoe.  I’m sure inquiring minds want to know, yes, Blake is single and ready to mingle.  This 23 yr old... Read more
iCandy of the Week: Meet the Goal Driven Gentleman, Jay Barnett
iCandy of the Week Name: Jay Barnett Age: 33 IG: kingjaybarnett From: Mississippi Occupation: Inspirational Role Model, former professional football player, actor Our younger years of life are the most critical times. Jay Barnett’s younger years were not easy, and it took a toll on his life emotionally. However,... Read more
iCandy of the Week: Physically Fit and Mentally Equipped, Don
Name: Don Age: 32 IG: obeii1 From: Philadelphia, PA Currently Reside In: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Nurse Hobby: Weight Lifting Who said the days of the unrequited gentleman were long behind us? Call them up and let them know how wrong they were because true gentlemen do still exist and... Read more
The Brainy Beauty Queen! Get Your Pretty fix off Khalena Knox!
Beauty, everyone has it one way or another. Some are so beautiful they attain immortality through legends; others are beautiful differently. They spread their inner goodness to those around them, in hopes of a better world. Khalena Knox  (pronounced “Colleena”) definitely has both! This amazing young lady is a... Read more
iCandy of the Week: Meet the Handsome Gentleman, Mr. Timothy Lawrance
iCandy of the Week Name: Timothy Lawrance Age: 25 IG: timothylawrance From: Alabama Currently Resides In: New York Occupation: Bartender, employee of LEGO, Aspiring Model and Actor  As children, there are many things that happen in our lives that literally shape a mold us. Timothy Lawrance’s southern upbringing has... Read more
Are you Kontrol’s Most Wanted?
Hey Kontrol Family! As you know by now Kontrol is known for bringing you some of today’s hottest and sexiest men and women from around the world. Well now were going to bring you 20 of Atlanta’s Most wanted Men and Women in our next print issue.  Some of... Read more
The Jack of All Trades: Jason Lobdell
Name: Jason Lobdell Age: 33 From: Syracuse Currently Resides In: Lithonia, GA Occupation: Husband, Dad and Owner of “Reliable Transportation” When you think of a Jack of All Trades, you think of someone who is multifaceted, always busy and always on their grind and that couldn’t be any truer... Read more
The Hot Tamale: Halani
Name: Halani IG: Halanilob Age: 32 From: Brooklyn born – Atlanta raised Currently Reside In: Lithonia, GA Occupation: Fire Captain, Body builder, Wife and Mother of Two Nationality: Father is Jamaican and Mother is Biracial It’s often been said that a woman can do anything a man can do but how many women can... Read more