Will Smith Reveals He and Wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith Have Gone to Marriage Counseling
Am I the only one who wishes they could’ve been a fly on the wall during one of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s marriage counseling sessions? They are one of Hollywood’s top power couples and each has dominated the entertainment industry throughout their respective careers. Jada has this earthy and chill... Read more
Pastor Jamal Bryant Announces Tweet As His Last Lady
Attention Saints! There’s a new couple in church. Pastor Jamal Bryant announced to the world yesterday that R&B singer, Tweet, is his “last lady.” The YBF reported that the Baltimore pastor, who did Freddie Gray’s eulogy may have finally found his one true love. Tweet first revealed their yearlong... Read more
Rumored Romance: Tinashe & Calvin Harris Rumored to be Couple’d Up; Releases New Song
Uh oh! Is there love brewing in the air? That’s surely what it looks like for R&B songstress Tinashe and DJ-singer-songwriter Calvin Harris. I would say this is quite soon after his very public split from Taylor Swift however, nothing can be too soon or too sure when it... Read more
Relationship Tips From Longest Lasting Celebrity Couples
With 40 to 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce (according to apa.org), and an even higher rate for Hollywood marriages, it is no secret that marriage can be tough – especially in the spotlight. There are, however, those exceptional occasions where couples stay together and live happily ever after –... Read more
Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
If your like me sometimes yogurt so busy and can’t keep up with everything that you have to do… Did you almost forget to get something for your mom before Mother’s Day? Well fear not! You still have time to get her a gift and not let her know... Read more
Hey Mikey- “Can I Come Over?”
Hey Mikey, I am wondering what is my next move with the guy I’m currently dating. We have been dating for two months now and I want to step things up. When we are together we are usually going out somewhere, or with friends, and now I’d prefer a... Read more
Olympic Gold Medalist Angel McCoughtry Talks Life Love & Basketball
Olympic Gold Medalist Angel McCoughtry star forward for the Atlanta Dream, recently made headlines a couple of weeks ago as being named one of the United States’ 25 finalists for its National Team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. “I so excited it’ll be my second time going to... Read more
Playing the Game of Open Relationships
Sometimes, you want all the amenities of a relationship without the pressure. You want the cuddling and the gifts and the go-to sex buddy and you want the title too. Saying it might be one thing but actually dealing with being in an open relationship is a whole ‘nother... Read more
Taboo to Do: Sex on the First Date
When it comes to relationships, there are many things one may deem taboo to do – like asking a guy out on a date, letting the lady foot the bill and one of the oldest in the book; having sex on the first date. But it is now 2015... Read more