The Gift of An Angel – The Rise of Songstress Angel, the Star
Have you ever been touched by an angel? No not physically, I mean musically and soulfully. When was the last time you heard an incomparable voice that made you feel every note? Don’t worry, the wait is over because there’s an artist simply known as Angel who’s getting ready... Read more
Media Maven on the Rise, Bianca Bee
Can you remember the very first time you woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea and just knew you had to act on it? Do you remember how long it took you to actually hone your craft? For some, the honing of a craft... Read more
Are you Kontrol’s Most Wanted?
Hey Kontrol Family! As you know by now Kontrol is known for bringing you some of today’s hottest and sexiest men and women from around the world. Well now were going to bring you 20 of Atlanta’s Most wanted Men and Women in our next print issue.  Some of... Read more
D. WOODS Heats Things Up For Kontrol’s Sexy Issue
As the music amplifies through a dim venue stands a confident, radiant, and determined woman begging, “I want Ur Tattoo.” This woman is none other than Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgette declaring her independence as CEO of Woodgrane Entertainment. Her newly discovered eccentric sound fairly differs from her days of performing and touring with girl group Danity... Read more
Kontrol Your Life: Naima Mora, Exclusive Interview
When Naima Mora first came on Cycle 4 of America’s Next Top Model, we were not aware of the strong impact that she would make on our society. Since winning Cycle 4 Naima has done work with CoverGirl, Cosmetics. Look, and Eluxe Magazine just to name a few. The... Read more
Pop, Pop! Into the Spotlight with Luke Youngblood
Work, is one of those things that shouldn’t feel like work. Your job should never be a place you dread going to; in fact, I am a firm believer that if you can’t be proud or happy doing something for a living – don’t do it and I’m always immensely proud... Read more
The Pursuit to Stardom with Race 7 Evans!
Name: Race “7” Evans IG: race7evans Age: 25 From: San Diego, California Currently Reside In: Los Angeles, California Occupation: Personal trainer and Motivational speaker; Aspiring Actor In a world where fame can last anywhere from five seconds to a lifetime I think its pretty safe to say we’ve all at one point or another joined... Read more
The Intellectual Gentleman; Devan Dunson
Name: Devan Dmarcus Dunson IG: forevalivin Age: 26 From: Dillon, South Carolina Currently Resides In: Atlanta, GA Occupation: Actor, Model, Musician and Teacher There is no mistaking it – Devan Dunson is an intellectual spirit placed here to share his story with the world. Being influenced by key figures... Read more
Rob Hill Sr.: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Heart Healing
  Written By: Whitney J. (@__whitney.j) We all have scrolled through our social media timelines and had the powerful words of Mr. Rob Hill Sr. resonate through the screen and touch some part of life. Whether it is a reminder of the past, comfort for the present or encouragement... Read more