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Good Morning lovelies and Happy Monday!!! Per usual, it’s Kontrol Magazine’s weekly #BaeDay and the celeb we’re crushing on today is definitely worth the mention. From boy band to standing on his own two feet, Jason “Princeton” Perez, better known simply by the name Princeton (of Mindless Behavior) is our #CelebrityCrush for today.

Princeton Perez
Princeton Perez

At ten years old, Princeton was already building up his brand and career. In 2006, Princeton was cast in two Gym Class Heroes music videos. “Shoot Down the Stars” and “Cupid’s Chokehold”. “Shoot Down the Stars” followed him as a younger version of Travie Mccoy being bullied by other students. The video ends in various children, including Princeton, dancing in a school talent show and on the school’s playground. “Cupid’s Chokehold” had Princeton portraying a young Cupid who shoots Travie with a bow and arrow, causing Travie to express his love for various women in the video. At the age of 11, Princeton appeared in commercials for major brands like Sketchers, McDonald’s and Nike – all of which helped launch his career in entertainment.

Boy band Mindless Behavior was created by legendary music producers Keisha Gamble, Walter Millsap (who has previously worked with Beyonce and Timbaland) and Vincent Herbert ( who has worked with Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton, the latter of whom is his wife). Mindless Behavior toured with the Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, and Jason Derulo and was the sole opening act for Janet Jackson’s 2011 tour. Mindless Behavior also headlined the first BET Closer to My Dreams Tour alongside Diggy Simmons, Lil Twist, and Tyga. By 2012 they were embarking on their own 25-city tour and taking the world by storm. The group’s most popular singles were “Mrs. Right” and “My Girl”.

Princeton Perez
Princeton Perez

After the group’s offical disbandment in early 2017, Princeton has been working hard on his own solo career. In March, Perez cut his hair, which is something that he never imagined doing while in Mindless Behavior. He has stated that it’s changed his life, and he’s booked new roles because of it. When entertaining the idea of not being a member of Mindless Behavior anymore, he spoke about either being a backup dancer for another artist, or a fashion designer, stating “Anything creative and entertaining, I’ll be there. He exclaimed his style as more androgynous, with a mixture of punk meeting urban. His musical influences of Prince, Michael Jackson, and a compilation of many rock bands, heavily influenced his style and mannerisms.

While we definitely see and love the new music, we can’t wait to see what creative project Princeton drops next.

By Monique C. Tillman

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