#CelebrityCrush Yandy Smith

Nowadays, many people flaunt the titles of ‘boss’ and ‘mogul’ around so freely without having a clue what it actually takes to reach that status level. But Love and Hip Hop New York star Yandy Smith is the epitome of what it takes to be a boss. Everyday she juggles, her career, mutliple business ventures, mommy duties and being a ride or die chick for her husband Mandeeceess – and you can tell there’s no stopping for Yandy.


A graduate of Howard University, Yandy has over a decade worth of experience in the music industy. Working alongside the likes of LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Mona Scott-Young at multimedia conglomerate Violator Management, Smith spearheaded several management projects in music, TV and film. In 2008, Smith received global industry recognition as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Executives under 30.

Currently Smith is the star of VH1’s number one rated show, Love & Hip Hop New York. Prior to joining the cast in the shows second season; Yandy Smith was a part of the creative team that brought the show to the masses and worked as a producer throughout the shows first season on air.

Outside of being an entertainment industry staple, Yandy is also a doting mother of some of the cutest kids you’ve ever laid eyes on and the ultimate ride or die chick to her husband Mandeecees Harris.

Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith-Harris and Family

While most women scream “ride or die” chick, Yandy actually lives it! While her husband’s been incarcerated, Yandy has stood by his side, doubled her paper and made sure the homefront was airtight!

Yandy Smith-Harris serving body on the beach
Snapshot of Yandy posing for a lingerie line

And let us not forget how gorgeous the green-eyed beauty is. With mocha chocolate skin, gorgeous green eyes and a stacked body most women would kill for, Yandy is a certified New York bombshell.


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