Chelsea Handler Blames the Kardashians For Donald Trump’s Presidential Win

No matter what goes on, the Kardashian clan will always be the topic of conversation, or so it seems…

Comedian, actress, writer, television host, and producer Chelsea Handler seems to have a ‘beef’ with the Kardashian clan and you’ll never guess why. According to Variety, Chelsea Handler blames the Kardashian’s for Donald Trump’s (unbelievable) presidential win.

“[The media] were treating him as an entertainer first,” Chelsea Handler, who was an avid  Hillary Clinton supporter, told Variety on Tuesday, January 17. “It was a reality show. We’ve turned into a reality show. I blame the Kardashians, personally; the beginning of the end was the Kardashians. The way these people have blown up and don’t go away — it’s surreal. Everyone is for sale.”

Side-by-side photo of Chelsea Handler and President-elect Donald Trump

And Chelsea Handler is not stopping there. She also plans to use her star power to protest Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Somebody should have to put a stop to it,” she told Variety. “The idea that so many people were so wrong about the outcome is so screwed up. The fact that Russia is interfering with our election is beyond repair. How do we ever recover from that? What’s to prevent them from doing it for the rest of our lives?”

She also added that she hopes Donald Trump gets impeached, but wondered, “How would they even get him out of there? He doesn’t abide by laws and rules. They’d have to physically remove him. It’s becoming clearer what a sociopath he is. I think our job as entertainers — or my job — is to reach across and figure out the people who are so disenchanted that they voted for him, and try to find some common ground.”

Chelsea handler and the Kardashians

I am just as equally upset that Donald Trump ultimately won the election and will indeed become our President in a matter of days but I can’t with good conscious single out the Kardashians for that. If we’re going to place blame, I think we should start complaining about Russia and the electoral college for starters. What say you, America?

By Monique C. Tillman

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