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Chrisette Michele Covers The March/April Issue of Kontrol Magazine

Getting Better to Make Better Music, that’s what Chrisette Michelle tells Kontrol as she graces our make it better issue.

Imagine having an epiphany only five years into your career, where you realize that it’s ok to take control of the music you produce, record and sing, and also the style you present to your fans. For soulful powerhouse Chrisette Michele that occurred about a year ago when she realized that the music industry was taking away her voice and her style. She was at a crossroads and almost came to the breaking point of walking away from what she loved and the fans who love her the most.

“My weakest moment in my musical career came when I almost decided to leave the industry completely because I didn’t know that I could say no and do things on my own,” said Chrisette. “I relied on the ‘experts’ to tell me what I needed and I thought maybe I wasn’t strong enough to say no.”

Find out more about Chrisette Michele in the new issue hitting stands March 4th. Pick it up at your local Barnes and Nobles.

Shot by Allen Cooley, Make up by Geno Freeman, styled by Julian Lark, assistant styling Zamar Lewis and Jae’ Dumas