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From practicing hair on Barbie dolls to now styling hair for some of Hollywood’s elite, Cliff VMir is a natural born hustler, dominating the hair game at only 20 years old.

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“I always knew I wanted to do hair,” muses Cliff VMir. “ I remember the older that I got, the stronger my urges for hair became.”

Cliff is definitely no stranger to hard work and dedication.

“My mom and dad split when I was young,” he reveals. “My mom was out of work for knee surgery, which was during the time that they [had] split. I thought, how can my mom make money if she can’t even stand up straight?”

Starting off with silk presses, Cliff used any money he received to help his mother. Soon after, he began enjoying the art of hair.

“Eventually, I started to enjoy it. At first, I was doing it just to help my mom pays the bills, but I actually started to create a passion for it.”

At 16 years old, during the beginnings of his evolving on Instagram, Cliff was contacted by a member Blac Chyna’s team. Being that the experience was extremely new to him, Cliff decided to turn the offer down. Soon after, Cliff was offered another opportunity, this time to work with Tiffany Pollard, most known for hit TV show, I Love New York and Flavor of Love. Driving hours to New York to meet Tiffany, the closer Cliff got to the destination, he grew increasingly nervous.

“My anxiety started going through the roof,” Cliff says, remembering the moments that he walked up the stairs to meet his first celebrity client. Although he believed it would be a challenge, he successfully installed and styled Tiffany’s hair, which she absolutely loved.

From that point on, Cliff knew that it would be smooth sailing. Since then, Cliff has obtained celebrity clients such as Jazmine Sullivan, Joseline Hernandez, Blac Chyna, and Tommie.

Cliff’s all-time favorite celebrity to work with is Cardi B.

rapper cardi b

“She is definitely the hottest in the game right now,” Cliff quips. “I like how humble she is. I just like how hard she works. You can definitely see her glow-up, and it motivates me to glow-up even more.” His favorite style performed on Cardi is a frontal with beautiful loose waves. Another favorite of his styles performed on Cardi was for her mixtape.

cardi b hair

Behind the scenes, Cliff is chill and laid back. If he’s not working, he spends his time scrolling through Instagram.

“It’s so funny; sometimes my friends call me Grandma and Pop-Pop. A lot of kids nowadays are smoking and drinking. I don’t do that. There’s no reason you’d see me in a club unless it’s something to do with my business.”

Cliff goes on to mention the difficulties of being so well known in the industry.

“The most difficult part, honestly I would say, is when people forget that I’m human too. Sometimes I go on Instagram and see the rude comments, but I have to remember, these people don’t know me. They are just commenting to get a reaction out of me. I use the block button to my advantage.”

Cliff turns to his best friend, Kaila, for advice. He calls her regularly for suggestions.

“Sometimes I like to call her and ask her, ‘Do you think I’m wrong for doing this?’ She really calms me down. Cliff also mentions his friend Junkie, owner of “House of Junk,” as another person he turns to for advice.

Cliff can remember the humble beginnings of his hair product line, with his first product being a Silk Mist.

“When those products hit my doorstep, my mom and I burst out crying in tears of joy. I kept thinking, not only am I marketing myself, but now I’m marketing my own product.”

Fast-forwarding, Cliff now has an entire product line, including edge control, shampoo, and conditioner. He is currently working to expand his brand further, and branch out to reality television.

“I would love to be on Love & Hip Hop. I have the personality, and can bring the tea for days! I just know I am destined to be on that show, and I know one day I am going to get a call from Stephanie to audition for a casting.” he laughs. “I am nowhere near where I want to be. I know if I stay consistent and stay in my own lane, it may take time, maybe years, but I know I will get where I want to be.”

When mentioning advice to other young entrepreneurs like himself, Cliff says this:

“Never let anyone discourage you. There can be a million people doing what you want to do, but never let anyone discourage you. Stay focused. Eat and breathe your brand. You have to worry about what’s in front of you, and not what’s behind you.”

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Image Credit: Cliff Vmir

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