Couples Convo | Let’s Talk About Sex

Grown folks discuss sex differently, and one reason they do is because “they’re grown”! Sex is very natural and should be enjoyed by two adults that know what they’re doing. @lewisloveandfamily  “Let’s Talk about Sex” Couples Convo will shed light on the sexual experience in ways that you’ve never imagined.


We can all use some advice when it comes to asking for sex, expecting it, and enjoying it. Sex can be something that you either want all the time or dread. W Sex should be embarrassing, and talking about sex shouldn’t have you running for the hills. Watch this video as Jess and JoVauhn give a few tips and icebreakers when it comes to getting it right in the bedroom, and the benefits that come along with it!




Do you and your partner discuss the benefits of having sex often? Share your icebreakers with our readers so that their sexual experience is more enjoyable!


Written By: Tamara Butler

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