Dating Outside the Box!

Dating can be annoying if you stick to the script, but dating outside the box can liven any relationship up. I’m not talking the usual; dinner date, movie, and kiss goodnight! Millennials are turning it up a notch by turning their dates into mini adventures laced with excitement!


Entertaining a potential partner with a simple date to Starbucks or a coffee shop may be a great ice breaker in the beginning and it’s cheap. You don’t want to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of your time inconveniencing someone if you know you have no future with. Coffee dates should always be used for that purpose alone, and if a second dates possible, then you plan and go all out.


An African American couple enjoying a cup of cofee.


Picnics at the park may seem boring, but it’s not boring when he decided to clock out of work early, pick you up for lunch along with some of your favorite calorie- packed foods. It’s the little things that’ll grab your attention, not the expensive dates, and vacations. Simplicity is a great way to extend time spent together,  and if you’re the outgoing type, dinner at a swanky restaurant can always set the mood.


An African American couple having a picnic


To be honest, there’s nothing more exciting than getting dressed with the intention to impress your date. Whether you’re grabbing your little black dress out of the closet for a cocktail or gala, knowing that you’ll be in his arms will boost your confidence and self-esteem, and you can guarantee that they two of you will be a showstopper anywhere that you go.


An African American couple enjoying conversation at a bar.


While dating may seem like a heavy load to carry, it comes with cool perks. Romantic nightcaps with your special someone is much needed, especially with the demands of life weighing on each us. A staycation at a local hotel, with room service,  lingerie, a little music, and each others company can go a long way.


Glamorous young couple face to face


Written By: Tamara Butler

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