Egypt Sherrod Snags “Flipping Virgins” Spin-Off


Congratulations are definitely in order for former radio personality turned real estate agent Egypt Sherrod – who has landed an HGTV spin-off called “Flipping Virgins,” that premiered earlier this week. On “Flipping Virgins,” Egypt shows first time investors how to turn an old, rundown home into big money, teaching them the tricks of the trade while navigating the unexpected realities of a purchasing, renovating and selling a home for a profit.

During the series, Egypt accompanies the beginners on their search to find the ideal home, which is often the worst house on the block. She advises them to overlook an old home’s cringe-worthy stains, smells and dirt in order to envision the property’s potential. With her expertise, guidance and a lot of sweat equity, they work together to implement smart renovation choices in hopes of earning maximum profit. She says:

The key to successful house flipping is finding the right house at the right price and staying on budget, that’s especially true for first time flippers and I’m here to help.

After being reportedly let go from her position at V-103, Egypt took the free time to spend more time with her child and to focus on her then HGTV show “Property Virgins”. While Egypt Sherrod does admit to missing the radio, she also says she loves the freedom of running her own business. Kudos to you girl!

By Monique C. Tillman

Monique Tillman

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