Erica Mena’s Instagram Looks

We are in our first weekend of the new year and a lot of people have been staying true to their New Years resolutions. Well Erica Mena made a New Years resolution as well. It was to slay the first week of the new year!! And that is exactly what she is currently doing now. We couldn’t help but take notice of Erica Mena’s chameleon ways this week. We are absolutely in love with just about every look Erica Mena has had to offer us. We picked out our most favorite looks she’s released and we chose to share them with you all!

Erica Mena
Erica Mena wearing a yellow sweater and silver metallic boots

Is Mena giving Yeezy steez or what? We love it! We are not sure where she was going but where ever she was going, she was going in style! Mena took to Instagram showcasing a yellow Saint Pablo sweatshirt and a pair of silver metallic Bella boots! Are you guys feeling it?

Erica Mena
Erica Mena wearing a royal blue dress and silver metallic boots

One thing about Mena is that she knows what looks good on her and this royal blue ‘Miss Circle‘ definitely does the trick! She kept a light snatch on the face and she rocked the Bella boots with this look. Hot or not?

Erica Mena
Mena in a silver tube top jumper and silver sandals

This look is a little bit more formal than the others. It looks like she could have worn it for New Years. Her silver tube top jumpsuit is by Fashion Nova and she chose to wear ‘Shop In Real Life’ accessories, our good friend Laura Govan’s new accessories line. Are you all feeling this look on Mena?

Erica Mena
Mena in a purple suede jumpsuit and matching boots

With this look, Mena is giving us Bronx latina. She is wearing a purple suede tube top and matching pants from ‘Posh by V Boutique’ and a pair of matching purple timberland boots. Do you think the purple lip is too much? Share your thoughts below!

Cchico Bailey

Fashion Contributor

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