Fake Body Alert: Twitter Drags Kim Kardashian for Photoshop Flop

Last night Twitter went cray cray over a new Kim KarTRASHian scandal. Apparently, little Ms. Fake Cakes isn’t losing that baby weight as quickly as she would like all of us to believe. The Beyonce wannabe posted a picture of herself and new groupie friend Blac Chyna with their fake cakes on full blast. Kim may be talented at sleeping with rich men but clearly she’s not that smart when it comes to photoshopping pics because Tweeters quickly picked up on the fact that the wall beside her has a clear curve in it. Not in just one photo but also in the booty pic it appears she slimmed her waist down a bit.

This is highly disappointing for many Kim K fans as she has recently been praised for her amazing body after giving birth to North West. In my opinion Kim wants to garner the same respect that Beyonce received months after she gave birth to Blue Ivy. But guess what Kim. You’re not Beyonce!!! Beyonce works hard and has a talent (dancing) that just so happens to be exercise. Get in the gym and stop faking the front chica.

As far as Blac Chyna goes, I have no words. We all know that pile of coal is fake.





kim k fake


kim k fake 2


kim k fake 4


kim k fake 3


BTW…Anyone who really believed she was that small after seeing the pics of her and Kanye out shopping last week is clearly delusional and has a Shallow Hal complex. That chick is clearly plus size and her booty is most definitely sloppy troppy.

kim k shop


Porsha Deshannon

Porsha Deshannon is a freelance writer and lives in Atlanta, GA. She began her career as a journalist for The Urban News in Asheville, NC and Assistant Editor for the Hilltop News. She is an avid fashion follower and writes cutting-edge style and beauty articles that inspire women to be there absolute best.

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