Falling Out Of Love: Is There a Cure?

Falling out of love is by far one of the most heartbreaking experiences that one will ever encounter.  It’s something that happens gradually , and sometime’s  without notice. It like one day you wake up and suddenly don’t feel how you once felt about your spouse, and you no longer wants to stay.


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Whether it’s  because the  both  of you  had two different ideas of what the relationship would be, or if it was ever really going anywhere, somewhere down the line, your paths diverted and now you’re forced to deal with the reality whether to stay or to go. Unhappiness is a hard pill to swallow when you care for someone!


While there’s plenty of fond memories and experiences to look back on, there’s  also plenty of heartbreaks and disappointments to go around.  Nobody’s perfect, and it’s a fact that when one decides to enter a relationship with someone else, they’re not looking for perfection. They’re looking for understanding, commitment, loyalty, and last but not least, someone that won’t walk away when things get a little rough.




What we seem to forget is that just because we’re not in love with our partner does not mean that we have to stop loving or supporting them. Being a friend is enough! Accepting the fact that there’s nothing more than a friendship may be one of the biggest decisions of our life because it not only puts you back on the market but it also gives your partner the opportunity to find someone that’s more aligned with what they’re looking for in a relationship.
That’s not to say that you lack anything, but sometimes people just don’t mesh well. It can be personal differences, culture, morals, or mere indifference’s regarding life itself that makes us reevaluate our partner and our relationship. Love is unselfish and will force you to look for a solution to help the two of you cope, or it will help you break ties.


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Written By: Tamara Butler

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