Food Review: Feed U Now … Feeding Atlanta, One Mouth at a Time

By Danielle C. Richardson

“We are starting a movement, a movement to serve people good, quality food, build relationships and to get families back to the table…” shares founder of Atlanta based “Feed U Now” catering and private chef, Wendy Walker.

Serving Atlanta an assortment of delectable desserts, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and health-conscious cuisines, Feed U Now is indeed staking its claim and making a name. Developing a love for cooking at the young age of seven, the Columbus, Georgia native describes herself as a “food geek”,

“I’ve always been passionate about cooking, I love watching food documentaries, even though I’m a southern girl, I love foods from all over the world.”

Beyond preparing and serving fabulous cuisines, Feed U Know is on a mission to bring families “back to the table”, back to preparing and enjoying dinner together and building relationships. Wendy continues with “People don’t understand what they are eating, and what it does to your body. If you cook more, you know what you’re eating.” Feed U Now offers simple recipes and informative blogs to educate the masses on good eating.

Wendy is also passionate about working with children and getting them to understand the importance of eating nutritious meals. Feed U Now is in the process of partnering with local recreational programs and PTAs to implement fun food demonstrations with kids.

When asked what the fan favorites, Wendy shared that the desserts and the Swedish meatballs, are the top winners. I had the opportunity to sample the Feed U Now cheesecake dessert cups…. mmm mmm mmm, absolutely delicious. The flavor of lemon and cheesecake danced around my mouth and before I knew it, I finished off two of these treats in less than ten minutes! Wendy’s personal favorite dish is Poulet-DG, originating from Cameroon, this dish consist of plantains, carrots, onions, chicken, stew and sweet berries and hints of chocolate.

With 2014 upon us, Feed U Now is solidifying their reputation for quality meals and family values.

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