Foodie Friday: National Candy Day

In Honor of National Candy Day, Foodies Must Celebrate

Today is National Candy Day foodies!!! Yes you thought binge eating on candy was over after Halloween but that’s not the case. Little foodie fun fact, did you know that the average American eats 25 pounds of candy a year, with half of that coming from chocolate bars alone!! Seeing how Halloween is over so you can get candy half price now is a cause for celebration anyhow so why not put those candy sales to good use and celebrate the holiday like a true sweet tooth foodie!!! In honor of National Candy Day, here are a few ways that you can celebrate the occassion!

  1. Buy Yourself That King Size Candy Bar

National Candy Day

Today is all about treating yourself! I know there comes a time where you’re at the check out line in Walmart and you look over to your left and see rows of King Size candy bars and you think to yourself, “I don’ t need this because it’s too much” and on most days, you’re absolutely right. But on this food holiday, you have a justified reason in buying that candy bar you’ve been eyeing. Why not! Go big or go home! My favorite chocolate candy bar is pictured above. I can’t resist a good Reese’s and since I’ve committed myself to have a healthier lifestyle, I’ve refrained from indulging but everyone needs a break whether it’s with a Kit Kat or a Snickers. So enjoy yourself with your favorite King Size candy.

2. Send Someone A Candy Gram

National Candy Day

For my foodies who have a sweet heart to go along with that sweet tooth, or for the ones who don’t like candy or are really disciplined on their diet, try sending someone else a candy gram! You can turn it into whatever you desire like a bouquet of flowers for example. Or you can be really creative, and come up with a saying that puts multiple pieces of your friend or spouse’s favorite candies all in one. For examples on that, go to Pinterest.

If you’re not the creative type but love this idea, no problem! There are plenty of candy gift baskets you can purchase online or in select stores to give to your loved one. For example, you can go to and just pick out a pre-made package or you can build your own to meet the  needs of the person you’re sending it to.

Either way you slice, the gesture will be a sweet one for your friends and family to remember!







3. Make Your Own Candy

National Candy Day

You read that right! Why buy the candy when you can have all the fun making it yourself! This can be a great activity that you can involve your partner or your children in. It gives the opportunity to spend quality time making something everyone to enjoy and if you do a great job, you might not have to continue buying that favorite chocolate bar. You’ll have the recipe at home!

There you go foodies, you can select your favorite from these three, choose all three, or find your own way to celebrate National Candy Day but whichever way you decide to, just make sure it’s sweet!

Kyree Shockley

Lifestyle Writer

Kyree Shockley is a published lifestyle writer for Kontrol Magazine. Hailing from the Midwest, Kyree is putting her writing skills to great use in the heart of Atlanta. Her work has been featured in various publications. Kyree is a lover of good wine, great food, Drake, and all things pink.

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